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  1. Basra

    India goods wanted

    Hi, we are UK based company with clothing factory in India. Please let us know your requirements as we can produce to order and also have a lot of deadstock availability. You can email us on [email protected] Thanks
  2. Basra

    Snuggle hoodie

    Hi Emma, we can make these for you at our factory in India, with custom designs, prints, embroidery and branding/labelling. Please send us an email and we can discuss further. [email protected]
  3. Basra

    Stock Offer Mens formal winter coats and jackets

    We have stock of men's blazers, coats, vests, and jackets formal designs. Labeled by our own brand Rellin but this can be changed to your custom labels if required Let us know if anyone interested.
  4. Basra

    designer inspired silk pyjamas! supplier wanted!

    Hi, We can make custom silk pyjamas for you with you own logos and designs etc Please get in touch [email protected] +44 7810 627117
  5. Basra

    Turkish style KUFI hats

    Hi Yusuf, You can contact us via our website, or by emailing [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. Basra

    Turkish style KUFI hats

    Hi Yusuf, what kind of quantities are you looking for? we may be able to source these for you, please get in touch. Thanks
  7. Basra

    TGH Direct Sales LTD - Garment manufacturing and sourcing for fashion brands

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all doing well. We are new to this forum and would like to introduce ourselves as Garment and textile sourcing and manufacturing agents. We offer a complete package A-Z Garment manufacturing service including sampling, material sourcing, bulk production, quality...
  8. Basra - Garment Manufacturing and sourcing service - Garment Manufacturing and sourcing service
  9. Basra

    Inspired silk satin sets

    HI guys, if you are looking to source custom clothing to meet your requirements please feel free to contact us or visit
  10. Basra

    Women’s wear WHITE hoodie/sweatshirt and joggers sets wanted UK

    If you can't find a supplier maybe you can get them custom made by manufacturers overseas. What sort of quantities are you looking for?