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    Importing Baby and Children Clothes from Turkey

    Hi everyone, We are a company planning import baby and children clothes from Turkey. Our supplier is saying they are already export the products to the UK. We want to be sure not to face any problem because we are going to sell these products on our own websites and ebay and etsy etc. Which...
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    Hello! And help!

    Hey guys, I have recently started an online business buying unbranded clothing and putting my own designs on them, to create something a bit different. It's based on a target market of 1-5yrs. I'd like to add other options to the site though for variation, like jackets for example. However'm...
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    Looking for ex-chainstore baby clothes

    Hello All, new member from here :) I hope I am posting in the right section - if not, please let me know! I have launched an online shop for baby clothes (initial stock bought from and, however I am looking for a supplier that can provide a wider...
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    Blank baby wear

    Hello, I'm looking for blank, unbranded baby wear such as baby sleepsuits, rompers, knotted hats and vest. Kidswholesaleclothing are out of stock and Babyclothesdirect have closed due to lockdown. Does anyone else know where I could get similar items? Many thanks in advance.
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    Newbies need advice please help!

    Hi I'm looking to start an online baby clothes wholesale business. I have reached out to a relative who is a clothing manufacturer in china. However, as I am new in this industry, I am unsure of the amount of stock to start with. My initial budget for the stock is around 10-15k is it enough or...
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    Hiya guys, I'm new to all of this so please be gentle! :) I am on the lookout for girls wholesale boutique clothing. I am also very keen to hear about any other suggestions/recommendations regarding the following: Ex clearance stock UK or International cheap manufactures Import/Export Does...
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    UK wholesaler for baby/toddler clothes

    Hi everyone, complete newbie winging it whilst on mat leave. I appreciate you must have all been asked these questions before. I am trying to find a UK wholesaler for blanks. I keep seeing the same few companies on my Google search but they don't really deliver everything I require. I'm looking...