1. Stocklear

    Stock Offer Dreamland Gifts & Bazar - 3 pallets

    This lot is made of 3 pallets of various objects : plushes, pillows and more. This lot is of a A quality: this means that the goods are brand new, under blister. You can find all the details about the lot on the description here below.
  2. Stocklear

    Stock Offer Eram child - 498 pairs of shoes

    This lot is coming from the major retailer Eram. This lot is a A quality: this means that the goods are « unsold goods » that have not left the initial warehouse: never open, never worn in a perfect state. This lot is made of 498 pieces. This lot is a blind box. It means that the vendor does...
  3. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Brickz Paper Party Bags from

    Paper gift bags with twisted paper handles. 14x21x7cm. Perfect for using as going home party bags.
  4. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Animal Footprint Dig Out Kits from Risus Wholesale

    Chip away at the plaster footprint to reveal a surprise! Each set measures 21x12.5cm. 6 assorted designs.
  5. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Colour In Food Boxes from Risus Wholesale

    50 cardboard food or party boxes. Each measures 140mm x 100mm x 140mm. Various designs available
  6. R

    Children and teenagers clothing suppliers

    Hello all I'm seeking children and teenagers clothing , both unbranded and branded. Im Interested in UK suppliers however I to overseas suppliers Inc China Thanks
  7. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Christmas Elf Scratch Art from Risus Wholesale

    24 Christmas Elf themed scratch art sets that each contain 2 scratch sheets, a stencil sheet and scratch tool. Use the stencils to scratch out pictures and patterns.
  8. That Designer Wholesale

    Stock Offer Children's Boys Ralph Lauren CLEARANCE

    We have a clearance lot of Ralph Lauren Children's Some have tags and bags, some do not. All Polo Shirts and Tshirts. £10 per item. 50pcs minimum order. - 250pcs available Age 2-12. Take all price £2000.
  9. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Emoji Unicorn Colouring Sets

    12 Emoji Unicorn colouring sets each containing 8 colouring sheets and 4 colouring pencils. Buy one pack and pay £9.84 (82p each) Buy two packs or more and pay £8.64 per pack (72p each) All prices are ex vat. If you require more stock please email us.
  10. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Emoji Unicorn Reward Charts from Risus Wholesale

    12 Emoji Unicorn reward chart sets each containing 1 sticker sheet, 1 felt pen and 2 reward charts. Buy one pack and pay £9.36 (78p each) Buy two packs or more and pay £8.16 per pack (68p each) All prices are ex vat. If you require more stock please email us.
  11. B

    Whoelsale help for newbie here!

    Hey Guys, Soooo, i am setting up my own business online selling mother and baby clothing... i have some design concepts so i am just wondering if you guys no some wholesalers who sell women's hoodies, jumpers, t-shirt's and the same for babies and small children? Also, any wholesalers who...
  12. L

    Looking for Clothing Manufacturers in China or India

    Hello, I am new to the clothing business and I want to start my own line of clothing. I am looking for a manufacturer who is willing to produce small quantities at the beginning, until the line is known. An FPP manufacturer who is able to make men, women and children clothing. If you recommend a...
  13. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer X-Large Christmas Gift Bags from Risus Wholesale

    Great range of Extra Large Christmas design gift bags in luxury 210gsm ivory paper with ribbon handles. Each measures 46x33x13cm.
  14. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Pocket Sand Art Craft Sets from Risus Wholesale

    Pocket Sand Art kit containing plastic heart or star shaped bottle, 5 colours of sand, funnel, stopped and design tool. Box measures 12.5 x 18 x 2.5cm.
  15. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Deluxe Nail Salon Glitter Sets from Risus Wholesale

    Deluxe Nail Salon kit. Includes work station, 4 sets of nails, 4 paints, nail adhesive stickers, brush, decorative stickers, emery board, glitter powder, shaker, toe separators, beads and glue. Box size 29 x 25 x 6cm.
  16. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Foam Mosaic Picture Art Sets from Risus Wholesale

    Fun art sets containing 4 mosaic pictures to make and hang on your walls (hangers included). Peel off the sticky foam shapes and place them on your picture according to the colour and shape.
  17. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Naughty Christmas Elf Beds from Risus Wholesale

    This decorative bed is perfect for your elf to recover after a hard day causing mischief! Complete with a checked blanket, kids will love tucking their elf into bed.
  18. That Designer Wholesale

    Stock Offer Ralph Lauren Children Girls Jeans Job Lot

    For sale is a mixed job lot of NEW Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Children's Girls Jeans and Jeggings. Some with Tags some have had tags cut. approx 700 pcs, £5 per piece. Discount if you take the lot or a decent amount. Paypal is accepted. comment your email and i'll send...