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    Y2K 2000s vintage clothing stock wanted

    Hello, I’m running a small Depop shop and interested in buying Y2K 2000s 90s stock - brands such as Morgan de toi Miss sixty juicy couture bay trading and high end brands such as dolce gabbana burberry save the queen. Also street where brands such as Evisu, true religion etc. My sails are decent...
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    corset vintage stock needed asap

    Hi, Im looking for 1990-2010 vintage stock, this includes corsets, camis, top, jumpers, cardigans, coats, etc. I am looking for a supplier to have a good relationship with as i would want a very good amount of stock a month! Not too expensive, does not need to be branded items but that would be...
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    Clothing supplier

    WANTED!!! Looking for a supplier of women’s clothing but open to men’s as well! I’m interested in early 2000s/80s/90s vintage clothing. Preferably corsets, camis, tops but open to all stock. It doesn’t need to be branded but interested in old labels such as Jane Norman or designer such as...