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    Looking for dog food suppliers.

    Hi Everyone, My name is Leigh. I've joined because I've got a brand name in mind that I would like to bring to life. It is a dog food brand which will hopefully be for fussy dogs. So the idea I had was to try and target people who have fussy eaters. So obviously the food needs to be very tasty...
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    Hope we're all feeling festive! I'm new :)

    Hi all, not long until Xmas now! I hope everyone is excited (as we can be at least!) I am Lucinda from Zoommypets / John's Farms Pet Foods, producing fresh, grain and preservative-free cat and dog pet treats. I joined this forum for advice on how to find potential distributors in the UK...
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    I'm new

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and looking for advice on who to contact for wholesale dog foods? I have a brand name idea and I just need the best wholesale suppliers now to contact. Could someone help? Leigh