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  1. V

    Does asking for shares affect the reach of Facebook posts?

    Got a FB Page and several groups - they all are there to promote my site. And it seems like certain posts in my groups show a really remarkable reach, while others are incredibly low, regardless of the number of likes and shares they get. Can it be somehow connected with me inviting to like and...
  2. B

    A problem with Facebook traffic

    Hello everyone. I have a problem. About a week ago, FB traffic skyrocketed about 10 times on our site. Traffic comes from Ireland, Sweden, the USA,. The site is Russian and promoted in Russia. It has nothing to do with the regions mentioned above. Computers were inspected for viruses, zero...
  3. V

    A problem with Facebook group posts

    Hello! I’m stuck here with Facebook. I’ve recently changed the theme of my Facebook group, but old videos are still there on Google’s SERP. How can they be removed, given the fact that that they can not be interacted with, and the old group name is still indicated?
  4. M

    Looking for suppliers that support ecommerce with no fees or complexities

    Hey guys, am not from UK, am broke i have no money upfront to start my own ecommerce business so all i can offer are my skills and experiences. Am looking for suppliers that offer good varieties of products in UK i can choose from, no fees no headaches so i can pick one product and work on it. i...
  5. P

    Does Your Video Content Get Lower Organic Reach On Facebook?

    My Video Content on facebook gets Extremely Low organic reach than regular Image or Text content. I tried my best to make videos, and I have confidence they come with good quality. Do you guys have the same problem like me?
  6. B

    Instagram Ads - Are they good value for money with good ROI?

    We're a small company and our marketing has to have a really good ROI and value for money as we have limited budgets. We've noticed the Cost Per Click of Google Ads are really high and it seems only the really big businesses with large budgets seem to be paying for these in our area. We already...