1. J


    HI Guys, im setting up my own food and drink wholesale online business and need to purchase some stock. Bulk, shot date and all catagrest of Food and drink. what do you have available? [email protected]
  2. A

    Short Date Food, Past Date, BBE - surplus stock, cancelled orders

    Hi, I am looking for regular consistent supply of food and confectionary items within the UK. I have a cash and carry supplying to the general public. We are wanting to purchase minimum 26 pallets + Ideally looking for direct links to short date food, BBE, past date, cancelled orders and...
  3. R

    Wanted- Short dated food

    We are a new firm based in UK looking for Suppliers to deliver short date food on Whole sale basis. Anyone can help? Thank you
  4. M

    Starting a E commerce Tea business in the UK

    Hey there, I am currently looking to start a tea business where I manufacture tea mixed with dry fruits on my own in my kitchen to begin with and was wondering what regulations and forms do I need to fill in and follow in order to comply with British law. Many thanks Kindest Regards
  5. S

    Looking for suppliers of clearance foods

    Hello, Hope you can help please. I'm in the process of setting up a new business and looking for suppliers of surplus foods and drink in particular confectionary and drinks products. The type of stock I'm looking to source is; short dated products, clearance lines and damaged stock usually...
  6. F

    New to dropshipping

    Hello all, I am in the process of setting up an online drop shipping health food store (mainly organic) via Shopify but a bit stuck as to how I go about finding reliable dropshippers and linking them up with my store. I am hoping someone out there has been in the same position and could shed...
  7. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Colour In Food Boxes from Risus Wholesale

    50 cardboard food or party boxes. Each measures 140mm x 100mm x 140mm. Various designs available
  8. A


    I wanted to start up a business selling foods which are: - Expire/BBE dates over, didn't make it to the store shelves from manufacturer etc etc. However I have done a lot of research and not come across suppliers. Can someone please help me as to where I can find a supplier for these types of...
  9. Erik

    BBC Good Food Show Winter 2017 - 30 November - 3 December, 2017

    Live entertainment, cooking inspiration, shopping and tasting are at the heart of our UK-wide Good Food Shows and BBC Good Food's FEAST festivals – every event has its own unique flavour, but include our fantastic line-up of the UK’s best chefs and experts cooking live, great brands, exciting...
  10. wholesaleteam

    I need to find a supplier of diet foods with Stevia or Sucralose.

    I am looking for a supplier that offers diet chocolate with Stevia and the diet products with Stevia or Sucralose. If anyone can recommend someone, please message here.
  11. Erik

    Liverpool Food and Drink Festival - 16th-17th September, 2017

    It’s the 10th anniversary Liverpool Food & Drink Festival! To celebrate we will be bringing a bigger and better festival to Liverpool! Expect the usual vibrant variety of food & drink from some of the best bars, restaurants & producers from the North West. Bring the kids along for a fun filled...