1. S

    Start up questions

    Hi all, I've just joined and have a couple of questions....I've had a search and can't see them answered. Hoping someone can help! 1. Firstly I plan to launch a product later this year, for this example lets say its along the lines of a hamper where branded products are mixed (no big name...
  2. Erik

    Early Christmas Gift Planning 2017 - Health & Beauty

    On our first 2 episodes of Early Christmas Gift Planning, we focused on Auto accessories and Computers. Auto accessories came in cheap, while computer gifts have some hefty price tags. In this episode, we set our eyes in a different category: Health & Beauty. DISCLAIMER: All products posted...
  3. Erik

    Early Christmas Gift Planning 2017 - Computers

    We've gone through our list of potential gifts in Car Accessories, now it's time to move on to Computers! Computers are of course, part of our daily lives now. From corporate, to education, there is always a place for computers to ease our processes, how we learn, and how to communicate to the...
  4. Erik

    Early Christmas Gift Planning 2017 - Car Accessories

    How time flies! We're now in the middle of October, and just a few snoozes away Christmas is here. As such, We will compile some of the products for each category that we have that could be given as gifts, or perhaps, when you think about it, could be potential sellers the next few weeks...
  5. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Large Glitter Christmas Gift Bags from Risus Wholesale

    A fantastic range of large Christmas design gift bags in luxury 210gsm ivory paper with ribbon handles. Each measures 32x26x11cm.
  6. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Christmas Decorations from Risus Wholesale

  7. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Magic Christmas Elf Doors from Risus Wholesale

    11cm hand painted poly-resin Magic Elf Door. Place it in the garden or round the house to create a portal to the North Pole! 2 assorted colours red and brown.