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  1. Stocklear

    Stock Offer Fnac Darty Customer Returns - 188 products

    This lot is coming from the major retailers Fnac Darty. This lot is a D quality: this means that the goods are «customers returns» that have been tested and that are non-functional. This lot is made of 188 products. This lot is composed of large household appliance and televisions.
  2. J

    Wholesale designer brand wanted: stone island, givenchy, dsquared

    Hi, my names joe and I run an online shop selling designer clothes. I’d love to start selling more high-end designer and I was wondering if anyone had it at a low price. I’m not looking to buy too many units at first as I want to test the market for specific clothing, thank you :))
  3. S

    New to the Forums

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for suppliers who are able to print my artwork (vibrant colours) onto high quality fleece blankets and scarves. I have been researching suppliers in China, although I feel it might be safer to find UK suppliers(?) A friend who uses these forums recommended them to me...
  4. T

    High Quality Clothing

    Hi, I am looking for a High quality clothing supplier in China. I am going over to China within the next couple of months but before I go I would like to set up some meetings with some wholesalers, China is a big place so any personal recommendations would be appreciated. I must reinforce the...