1. H

    Importing Baby and Children Clothes from Turkey

    Hi everyone, We are a company planning import baby and children clothes from Turkey. Our supplier is saying they are already export the products to the UK. We want to be sure not to face any problem because we are going to sell these products on our own websites and ebay and etsy etc. Which...
  2. F

    Importing Supplier Scam? Newbie here

    Hello, I hope you are all well. I am in a bit of a problem at the moment. So I have decided I want to begin importing soft drinks from Europe into the UK. Pretty much my first deal and maybe I am doing something wrong due to my lack of knowledge hence why I feel like I am being scammed. Okay...
  3. A

    How do i process my shipment through a port?

    I have recently started forming my own business importing goods from china. I am using Alibaba and am just about to order my sample items. I have found lots of steps on the way slightly confusing, none more so than the shipping process. I hope that someone can give me more information on how my...
  4. I

    Import advise and help understanding the best routes

    Hello All - I would be very grateful for a little advice if at all possible. I am in the throws of importing some farm machinery from China - I have not physically seen the farm machinery yet but the kit looks great from the you tube videos and is laden with a really high quality engine and...
  5. F

    I need some help understanding EXW / FOB etc and this quote...

    Hi all, This is my first experience importing from China and one of the items I'm currently getting quotes for is boxes... only 500 of them but I'm assuming it'll be a reasonable size order but I don't yet have the sizes and weights. I initially asked for shipping info if possible as this may...
  6. B

    There is enough goods for everyone, we just need to distribute them better.

    All the international business through one platform. What are the benefits? -Easy and fast way to connect small businesses from developing countries with larger enterprises that want to outsource some of their activities and need to reduce their expenses. -Easy payments -Built-in accounting...
  7. Import Expert


    The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on global business; companies involved in food & beverage are having to make significant adjustments as traditional markets face lockdown, and scale of business and normal trading conditions have changed. Amidst these unprecedented times...
  8. Guangdong AGOGE

    Reliable foreign owned sourcing company in China

    Guangdong AGOGE Export & Imoprt company is based in China for many years, mainly we help our partners to find factories, wholesales and arrange supply chains of needed goods to their stores/ online shops etc. from A to Z. As company is legally registered and have obtained all needed...
  9. M

    VAT charging for non UK companies

    Hello we are a Romanian company with a EU VAT ID, and we have been trading with the UK for the last 8 years. We were importing goods from China, then send them to the UK. We were making the customs and VAT payments in Romnia, and sell the goods to the UK vat free. Now we want to import goods...
  10. D

    Charging vat on imported motorbikes

    Hi everyone. Had a vat inspection today and the tax man took most of my profits for the last few months. I import to the UK from Florida and because the bikes I import are over 30 years old I only pay 5% historic tax on the cost of the vehicle. Which is fine. As I’m vat registered I then claim...
  11. D

    New to importing classic bikes

    Hello I’m new. I import Harley’s from the states and have run into a bit of a vat problem if very much like advice on. Hopefully I’ll be able to ask soon
  12. D

    open company , start my business

    i'm confused !!! which kind of company do I need to open in the UK to buy from manufacturers from anywhere and receive my shipment in DUBAI?
  13. A

    How to find buyers.

    Hi, I am doing some successful retail business from many years. Now i am looking to start imports initially as part time. I am looking to import bed sheet from Pakistan as i have family manufacturing unit there. What i am looking is how to find appropriate buyers in uk. How to approach them and...
  14. K

    VAT treatment for NON EU Importer

    Hi! I have an Indonesian export company, and I'm considering importing tea and other primary products into the UK in the short to medium term. The importing entity will be my Australian company...this is now registered for VAT and has an EORI #. I read that tea & coffee products are zero rated...
  15. E

    Where to find suppliers online??

    We were wondering if anyone has used these websites before and what you thought of them? Salehoo Worldwidebrands Doba Thomasnet Globalspec Wholesalecentral ******** ************** WLW Kompass Findsourcing Amazon Business Tradekey Indiamart TradeIndia Vtown Vietaz Vietgo
  16. M

    Shipping container purchase prices in China

    Hi, Does anyone know why shipping containers look to be more expensive to purchase in China than in the UK? I've had three prices and whilst they vary a bit all of them are more expensive than I can buy a container for in the UK. I've been importing for a good few years and thought that it would...
  17. R

    Indian export, Dubai import, impossible paperwork nightmare?

    Hi guys I hope someone can help solve my conundrum which is driving me crazy! We are a clothing brand, based in the UK and we manufacture using third party companies in India. When we sell to our customers in Dubai, UAE, we have them collect the goods direct from India, to save time and money...
  18. R

    Importing Rice from Thailand

    Hello all. I would like to import rice from Thailand into the UK. It seems like a minefield to do this. How do I make this process a little more bearable and how would I find reputable agents please? I am visiting a couple of rice farms in November in an attempt to find a reliable and ethical...
  19. M


    we are sourcing company based in China. I lived in London for over 10 years and now back to China working in sourcing company which mainly doing hats and fashion accessories, but we can source other things too. Anyone need to source anything in China, please let me know. E-mail...
  20. E

    Avoiding possible import problems

    Hello, I am new importer and made my first orders last month. Unfortunately I was told that branded products can get me with trouble, after a placed a few orders. The shipment is travelling to the UK with a courier, I already contacted the seller even before he shipped the order to cancel it but...