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    Advice for importing

    Hi guys I am a newbie and wanted to know if the verified symbol in Alibaba (the two hands shaking) means if that the supplier is legit or not? as we all know being a gold supplier doesn't really mean much as it is a paid membership for suppliers. my supplier with a product I extremely want to...
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    Payment Methods for Imports & Exports

    Summary Working on an international scale with clients from around the world can be a challenge: you don't want to ship your goods or deliver services and not get paid. Waiting 3 or more months to get paid isn't an option either when you need to cover your costs upfront and pay suppliers. How...
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    Modern Technology Questionnaire For Importers & Exporters

    Hello, if you are an importer or exporter, please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey. Our objective is to get information from the import & export community about transactions regarding the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum and the implementation of Blockchain technology, in...