1. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Brickz Paper Party Bags from

    Paper gift bags with twisted paper handles. 14x21x7cm. Perfect for using as going home party bags.
  2. Erik

    Brick Live - Built for Lego Fans - 26-29th October, 2017

    There’s a reason BRICKLIVE’s strapline is ‘Built for LEGO® Fans’ because that is exactly what it is – built by LEGO® fans for LEGO fans. The world’s best LEGO® builders will gather as we welcome more international professional and amateur displays to our Fan Zone, more special guests and...
  3. vlad kral

    LEGO wanted!

    LEGO WANTED! Anyone who can offer or get me wholesale supply of LEGO? Can be also from unsold stocks/lines, overstock, bankruptcy etc only UK stocks or other EU countries considered (like Germany/NL/PL/etc) Stock will go for sales to CZECH REPUBLIC no time wasters please comment with brief...