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  1. T

    Stock, Goods Wanted

    Our company want to diversify the capital in bigger stock. Important!!! Goods only with a valid barcode! Only UK and EU. Category: -toys and games -Health and personal care -beauty -pets supplies -Electronics -hobby and vacations -home and kitchen -household -garden and DIY If you are a...
  2. A

    We are looking for suppliers from several markets.

    Hello everyone, We are looking for suppliers from the following industries: Agriculture, Auto & Transport, Bags, Shoes & Accessories, Clothing, Electronics, Food, Fruits & Vegetables, Gifts, Sports &, Toys, Health & Beauty, Home & Real estate, Industrial & Machinery, Jewelry, Medical Our...
  3. S

    Private label manufacturer

    Hi every one This is Ali from Sondos Tekstile Turkey. Its my proad to join TSC forums. Best regards Ali
  4. B

    Shenzhen UTOPIA-originality Technology Co. Ltd. - Irresponsible powerbank manufacturer

    I want to warn you from doing business with Shenzhen UTOPIA-originality Technology Co. Ltd. factory and also their brand – Vegerpower. We were doing good business for 4 years straight. Our last order was for 17K powerbanks. But something happened. Since December 2018 our service started getting...
  5. M

    Designer clothes purchashing

    I am looking to buy designer clothes straight from the manufacturer, can anyone help me out Thanks
  6. M

    ill get your remaining stock!!!!

    hi this is from korea. but we are selling to hongkong so, i am looking for the stock which are 1. original brand (nike , puma, adidas, MLB , any ) 2. avoiding oriented by china!! ( made in china avoid!!) 3. low price ( which is whole sale price) 4. plenty stock ( approximately 300~500) plz...
  7. P

    Looking for School Attire/Uniforms Manufacturers (not China)

    Hi Everyone, Im looking to expand my business and provide school attire to our local schools, im looking to find a reputable manufacturer who can provide school attire such as the following: - Cardigans - Jumpers - P.E Tops (Polo) - Shorts - Book Bags - Hoodies - Anything else school related...
  8. B


    Hi everyone Thank you for all the information you share daily, I am learning so much in a short space of time. I am looking for RACK & SHELVING suppliers / drop shippers in the US, I am looking to resell the items on eBay. Your assistance is most appreciated.
  9. L

    Pleasure to meet you all!

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and as an aspiring Entrepreneur, who is in the very early stages of planning to set up an online marketplace to connect manufacturers and boutique retailers, I would be very keen to pick your brains on a few outstanding questions I have. Of course, as a...
  10. The Wholesale Community

    We Need Suppliers for our Members. Can you help?

    As some of you know I run The Wholesale Community, sister site of TSC. I help SMEs and Start-Ups launch, evolve and improve their profits. I meet with members on a monthly basis giving FREE advice for their online shops from web build, product sourcing and stock control.... One question I am...
  11. P

    The Anatomy of B2B Ecommerce Success - Half Day Seminar Manchester - January 31st

    Join us and your peers to see what they are doing to drive higher online revenue, increase efficiency savings and improve their customer service levels. To find out how Manufacturers, Distributers and B2B wholesalers are leading this revolution, register to Learn, Exchange Ideas and Network with...
  12. L

    Looking for Clothing Manufacturers in China or India

    Hello, I am new to the clothing business and I want to start my own line of clothing. I am looking for a manufacturer who is willing to produce small quantities at the beginning, until the line is known. An FPP manufacturer who is able to make men, women and children clothing. If you recommend a...
  13. S

    Lingerie Manufacturer

    Looking for an ODM all inclusive Lingerie Manufacturer. If you have experiences with any reliable manufacturer please recommend. They should specialise in lingerie and fluent in English. Thanks in Advance!