1. Helen

    Pre-loved Kilo Brighton

    Brought to you by Preloved Vintage Wholesale Ltd, the UK’s largest independant kilo company! Shop through over 6 TONNES of preloved, vintage & retro clothing and pay by weight - all just £15 PER KILO!
  2. J

    Cheetham hill markets/wholesalers

    Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone had drove past the Cheetham hill designer clothes markets/wholesalers in Manchester near strangeways prison, and I wanted to know if there are still open for business. As I am needing to restock since taking my business online due to recent Covid 19 epidemic...
  3. That Designer Wholesale

    Stock Offer MUST GO! Ralph Lauren Jeans! 500PCS

    Approx 500 pcs of Children's Girls Ralph Lauren CHAPS Jeans From 12 months to age 16. Mixed colours, sizes, styles, fits. Lots of runs of 20-30 styles which is good for your store! Will take an offer to take the whole consignment. Full invoice given. MOQ - 50pcs. £3.75 per piece.
  4. That Designer Wholesale

    Your Thoughts on the New UK Grey Market Import Ruling on Branded Goods What are your thoughts on the UK Supreme Court, ruling that any goods bought to resell without the brands permission is a criminal offence? A friend of mine imported branded clothing from factory surplus...