1. Stocklear

    Stock Offer Customer returns - Computing - 40 units

    Customer returns coming from the major french retailer Cdiscount. Monitors, printers... Quality B : it means that the good are functionnal customer returns.
  2. Stocklear

    Stock Offer Customer returns- Computing

    Customer Returns from the retailer Cdiscount. It is composed of computing products : computers, printers, screens... B quality : it means the products are functionnal customer returns.
  3. S

    Printers, Shredders & other office equipment

    I have searched tons of website for wholesale Epson/HP printers but couldn't find any. I recently bought a customer return pallet and sold all working items within 2 weeks on Ebay, this went really well however I spent 3 hours a day testing each product. I don't want to spend time testing...