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    SEO and Soical Media martketing

    Hi All, I have just joined the form, looking through the posts I can see many people have been asking the same questions about online advertising, social media marketing, and SEO. I'll be happy to answer any questions to help out.
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    Opinion Piece What are the biggest digital marketing challenges faced by business owners at the moment?

    The team at ThoughtShift are rolling out new initiatives to support independent businesses though this unprecedented time. They want to know what digital marketing challenges business owners are facing, so that they can provide solutions -...
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    What to do with discontinued product pages on the website?

    What is the best practice to manage discontinued products pages and protect your website’s SEO? Leave it, delete it or redirect it? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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    How to really increase your SEO/Search rankings

    People constantly talk about building “backlinks” and writing “good content” but these are tiny factors when taking into consideration the whole Google Search algorithm. There is a formula to appearing for each keyword and it is done through a few main steps. One being that you actually index...
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    How exactly does SEO works?

    Share the complete guide as I am newbie in this
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    Exciting free marketing opportunity for SME's

    We’re setting up a unique partnership marketing and Client/staff benefits platform. Ready to launch. Looking for SME’s who are looking for new client acquisition and retention channels. Free to join. Message for further details. There are two parts to the platform. One is a free discount...