1. Helen

    London Stationery Show

    London Stationery Show is the UK’s only trade event dedicated to stationery, showcasing the biggest selection of writing and paper products from around the world. Held in The Designer Centre in Islington, London October 2021. At London Stationery Show you’ll find the biggest UK and international...
  2. J


    FREE LOCAL DELIVERY Total rrp of over £3000 All brand new selling at well below cost price, grab a crazy bargain!! The stock list cosists of: *193x packs of 12 west colouring pencils- Rrp £3.99 each *212x packs of 6 west colouring pencils- Rrp £2.99 each *125x packs of 5-10. Various Edding...
  3. J

    New seller

    Hi ive just signed up and paid for the membership to advertise. I am an end of line wholesaler who is looking for some buyers on a regular basis. I continually have many different lines in bulk. I hope to build a good relationship with u all and do some business in the future.
  4. U

    Stationery and household goods wholesale

    我们在欧洲仓库中有大量文具(例如商务笔记本,商务笔,学生书包等)和日用品(餐具,母婴用品等)。如果您有兴趣,请与我联系whatsapp:420776705612或电子邮件:[email protected]
  5. Stocklear

    Stock Offer Back to school supplies - Dreamland - 6 pallets

    6 pallets of back to school supplies from the major retailer Dreamland. Find in this offer : Binders Folders Bags Pens ... Quality A : It means that the products are brand new : never touched, never opened.
  6. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Unicorn Pens from Risus Wholesale

    24 Unicorn themed ball point pens
  7. Daniel Thomas Group

    Stock Offer Arts & Craft Stickers & Labels - 70,000 Packets - Clearance Lot

    One off clearance lot of over 70,000 packets (4 x pallets) of mainly brand name Avery stickers & sticky labels ready for individual retail (sample selection photos below). RRP of this lot is in excess of £80,000! Huge profit retail opportunity. Call us now to discuss on 01908 282805 -...
  8. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Emoji Unicorn Reward Charts from Risus Wholesale

    12 Emoji Unicorn reward chart sets each containing 1 sticker sheet, 1 felt pen and 2 reward charts. Buy one pack and pay £9.36 (78p each) Buy two packs or more and pay £8.16 per pack (68p each) All prices are ex vat. If you require more stock please email us.
  9. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Christmas Elf Pencils & Erasers from Risus Wholesale

    Get crafty this Christmas with these elf design pencils. Featuring a stripy design that's almost good enough to eat, these pencils are perfect for using to write your Christmas list!