1. S

    Looking for Inditex outlet clothing in small quantities (50-150 pcs or kg)

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for small packages of outlet Inditex Clothing in Europe, USA or Asia. Please help
  2. I


    Hi there, I am starting a vintage clothing business based in England and would like to source stock preferably in wholesale. Please contact me via email [email protected] *Mod edit: phone number removed for privacy* kind regards, Malachi
  3. Helen

    White Label Expo Frankfurt 2021

    Find the hottest new white label products coming to market. Meet face to face with 350 Whitelabel suppliers.
  4. B

    Designer clothes

    Hi guys! I’ve recently started up a business selling genuine designer clothes. I have a website in process, Instagram and Facebook page set up waiting to go! I have small stock at the moment but am looking to expand my stock before my website goes live. Thanks in advance
  5. H

    Stock Required for Designer Clothing

    Hello I’m currently looking for a supplier who can provide me with the designer Stock for these selected brands: - Dior - Off-White - Palm Angels - Fendi - Givenchy & any more luxury brands. Be sure to contact me:- eMail: [email protected]
  6. M

    maternity wear clothing

    Hi all, I have been looking for a good maternity wear supplier for quite a while now and don't seem to be getting anywhere so hoping someone can help. I'm looking to set up my own business selling maternity clothes/accessories but i've hit a brick wall been as I can't find any stock! Does...
  7. I

    Screfix / B&Q / Argos

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is well Long time lurker first time poster - do go easy on me :) Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy palletised stock of Screwfix / B&Q / Argos (quite possibly returns?) Would be great if anyone can point me towards the right direction Many thanks
  8. A

    corset vintage stock needed asap

    Hi, Im looking for 1990-2010 vintage stock, this includes corsets, camis, top, jumpers, cardigans, coats, etc. I am looking for a supplier to have a good relationship with as i would want a very good amount of stock a month! Not too expensive, does not need to be branded items but that would be...
  9. J

    Offer Ended/Closed 440+ CLIP ON READING LIGHTS

    FREE LOCAL DELIVERY (in line with government guidelines) Over 440 Brand new clip on reading lights Selling on amazon for £10 each Return of £4,400. All boxed as pictured Grab an absolute bargain
  10. A

    00s/90s vintage womens clothes wanted

    Hi, I am looking to buy bulk women’s 90s and 2000s vintage clothes to expand my business. Brands may include Miss Sixty, Karen Milen, Custo Barcelona, Save the Queen, Evisu, True Religion, old label Topshop/New Look, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Ed Hardy, Guess, Von Dutch, Playboy and Juicy...
  11. N

    Stock wanted

    Looking for stock to purchase in bulk, preferably PLT, Boohoo, Missguided etc.
  12. C

    Looking for tester perfume and aftershave

    Hello I’m looking to buy bulk full sized and genuine tester bottles of after shave and perfumes. If anyone could let me know where to get them that would be great
  13. S


    Hello I am an online retailer looking for a new Nike supplier. I am looking to purchase flex stride shorts, millers, techknits, half zips, tracksuits, joggers etc etc the best running gear and activewear. I am looking to buy large quantities on a regular basis all stock must be brand new with...
  14. A

    American Candy & Snacks Wholesaler Required

    Hi, I sell american candy and snacks online through various selling platforms and recently my wholesaler is unable to re stock items, I am looking for a new wholesaler. I have tried going through google however they all seem to be selling at retail prices. Thanks
  15. S

    Offer Ended/Closed FILA TSHIRTS STOCK

    Brand new stock just arrived last week, see pics. the stock available for collection from Oxford during business hours. All stock is bagged, new, and ready for shipment. Any questions let me know
  16. H

    y2k/ trendy tops

    I’m new to this website and looking for stock. Not looking to bulk-buy major amounts more like up to 30pcs at a time. preferably 2000’s style clothing and 90’s womenswear. Please let me know if you can help with this.
  17. T

    Stock Wanted - Stone Island

    I am looking to source a regular supplier of Stone Island. At the moment I am interested in past season pieces and would be looking to place bulk orders. We would also consider the new seasons pieces in future orders. If his is something you could assist us with or if you know someone who can...
  18. Helen

    Alibaba makes clear Amazon challenge in Europe by slashing rates

    The monster Chinese B2B marketplace Alibaba has made a clear roar of challenge to Amazon by it's first aggressive move to bring online sellers to its International Platform AliExpress. There has been a long history of European and American sellers shying away from Alibaba on a feeling of...
  19. N

    I’m looking for distributors of leftover stocks and overstocks (Asos, Zalando, Peek, Amazon)

    I’m looking for whosalers whose offers leftover and overstocks of premium brands (Asos, Zalanad, Peek Cloppenburg, Van Graff). I’m interested in customer returns and products with defects. Lack of labels is acceptable. I’m willing to establish long term cooperation. Does anybody has contact to...