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stone island

  1. K

    Y2K Vintage Designer Items ‼️NEED‼️

    Hey there, I run a close to top seller Depop page with 5000+ followers and 700 sales and 500+ 5 star reviews yet im still in a huge need of a supplier!!! I’ve also got an instagram account with 1400+ followers and great interactions. I do not have any supplier at the moment, i only source...
  2. P

    2000s vintage stock wanted

    Looking for authentic vintage evisu, bape, stussy, Ed hardy, stone island? Preferably to buy in bundles. Any help appreciated!
  3. L

    Second hand sweatshirts, jackets,coats and fleeces

    📍London Based Hi, I am looking for a supplier of vintage/second hand sweatshirts from the brands: Nike Adidas Gap Carhartt Stone island And jackets, coats and fleeces: The north face Carhartt Arc’teryx Thank you!
  4. L

    90s/2000s vintage clothing stock wanted

    Hello, I run a small Depop shop and am looking to find a supplier to buy vintage streetwear clothing from (2000s/90s era). Brands such as - Stüssy, Ed Hardy, Evisu, Burberry, Miss Sixty, Versace, Von Dutch etc. I am interested in purchasing monthly/frequently. Any help would be much...
  5. C

    Looking for wholesalers of used or new Street wear clothing...

    Hi guys, I currently run an online store on eBay and Depop selling vintage items. I'm looking to expand and really want to get into streetwear. I'm looking for someone that sells brands like; Stone Island, Stussy, Palm Angels, Arc'teryx e.t.c (these are examples) new or used (preferably...
  6. J

    Looking for Stussy / Polo Sport / Arcteryx / Carhartt / Stone Island

    Been using a couple of suppliers but struggling to find the brands we are really after. Looking for a wholesaler to use regularly for Stussy / Polo Sport / Arcteryx / Carhartt / Stone Island. Would love to hear back from somebody!
  7. J

    Stone Island + CP Company

    Hi there, I'm looking for new contacts for designer clothing, top end brands. I have some stock that im also currently looking to get rid of, Reply to this thread with WhatsApp contact details please and thanks
  8. W

    Vintage branded clothing wanted (40-50kg bales)

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. I am currently in search of a wholesaler that can provide vintage clothing from the following brands: Stone Island, CP Company, Evisu and Arc'teryx. I am interested in purchasing 40-50kg bales containing these brands once per fortnight. In due course both...
  9. B

    Designer clothing supplier needed

    Hi everyone, I have looked around for a while and haven't found an answer so I have decided to ask myself. I am looking at setting up an online clothing retailer. I am looking for a brands such as Stone Island, CP company, Palm Angles, Kenzo, to name a few. As I am only starting out the...
  10. S

    Looking for luxury designer wholesale NIKE ACG, Stone Island, Arc'teryx

    Hey, I'm looking for clothing stock for a new startup business, I'm interested in brands such as ACG, Prada, Stone Island, Arc'teryx, Vintage Patagonia, Vintage North Face, CP Company, and many more designer, and outdoor based brands, any information or directions to where I can search would be...
  11. F

    Looking for Evisu,Ed Hardy,Billionaire Boys Club,Nike ACG etc

    Hi there, I’m looking for stock to start up a new business and depop page. I’m am looking for the following brands: Ed hardy,Evisu, Billionaire Boys Club, Bape,Nike ACG, Arcteryx, Moschino, Stussy, Retro Nike items/shoes, Needles,Stone Island, CP Company, Prada, Dior, Versace, Lacoste, BB...
  12. C

    High End Clothes Supplier Wanted

    Hi im looking for a whole sale suppliers for my designer shop Stone island, CP, |Givenchy, Gucci, Balmain, Valentino. give me a dm or email on [email protected]
  13. A

    Looking for Nike ACG, Arc'teryx, Stone Island

    Hello, I'm looking for clothing stock for a new startup business and Depop page, I'm interested in brands such as ACG, Prada, Stone Island, Arc'teryx, Vintage Patagonia, Vintage North Face, CP Company, Evisu, Ed Hardy and many more designer, and outdoor based brands, any information or...
  14. R

    Designer Clothing / Sportswear

    Hi I’ve just had a quick look through and seen a lot of this. I’m new and looking for contacts and wholesalers who are selling brands such as Stone Island, Moncler, Palm Angels, Balmain, Off-White, Fendi, givenchy etc for a Instagram / Social media selling platform. Would also be interested if...
  15. S

    Looking for junior/children's/kids high end / casual brand clothing

    We are looking to expand our online buisness and are looking for a regular large bulk order wholesale supplier. We have already built up a good relationship with our current supplier however have recieved more demand from our ever expanding customer base than they can handle and looking to up...
  16. J


    I am interested in starting a wholesale business in which i would like sell desginer clothing. I am looking for brands such as Dsquared2, Stone Island, CP Company, Fendi, Givemnchy, Gucci. etc... if anyone has any stock to offer could you please contact me on 07462 926015 (whatsapp) or email...
  17. J

    CP Company Supplier

    Afternoon all, Currently in the search for a supplier that can mainly supply me CP and other brands on top of this, dsquared2 stone island moschino etc. Please drop details below or pm me them please. Thanks Jasper
  18. B

    Any men’s designer clothing

    Stone island, prada, cp company, moncler, kenzo
  19. B

    100% authentic stone island wanted

    Looking for stock for my online shop. Searching for stone island mainly but also would be interested in any cp company, prada, moncler etc thanks.
  20. J


    Hi all,currently looking for stone island,prada,versace and nike from clothing to accessories! Preferebly unisex. Also retro football shirts Im also looking for nike jordans/90’s and 95’s! Please feel free to get in contact!