1. S

    Newbie of Wholesale forum

    Hi, everybody. I am newbie here. Hope we can communicate and share trading and wholesale ideas here.
  2. H

    Strategic Sourcing

    As a Sourcing Specialist in Asia, it allows me to supply you with the needs of Giveaways, Promotional Items or Furniture, Decorations and Textiles. I export worldwide with products not only limited from Bali, but from Indonesia and Asia Country`s. I am are a one-stop Sourcing Specialist or your...
  3. JK Liao

    Service Offer Need Shipping,Call JK!

    Hi Everyone! Have you ever thought about that who can help me to handle my shipment from China, even just a small box? Have you ever thought about why your competitors always got a lower price from China than you? Have you ever thought about how can I find a reliable agent in China who knows...
  4. E

    Are Highstreets Dying out?

    Hi I am currently a 3rd year uni student at the University of Lincoln and my dissertation focuses on the change over time of the traditional business model with a case stud focuses around Amazon FBA. If you could take a couple of minutes to complete the survey it will be much appreciated...
  5. B

    sourcing company and wholesaling to develope a business

    Hello all, i am new here. i am the owneer of a little company of semi-wholesaling in indian ocean (mauritius, madagasacar,...) i want to sell to supermaket, grocery gas station food products like chocolate, crips chips, noodle, drinks, biscuits. i am looking for brands that we can't find here...