1. R

    Opinion Piece Wholesale Amazon

    Hi , I am new and looking to get advise. I order to sale on amazon as wholesale FBA ,do I need authorisation letter / reseller certificate ( talking about UK wholesale FBA) TIA
  2. P

    90s/00s Stock Wanted

    Hi, I am an experienced reseller looking for vintage womens clothes and accessories from the 90s and 2000s. High street brands such as Topshop, New Look, Pimkie, Clockhouse, Morgan De Toi, Xanaka, Kookai, Jane Norman, Pilot, Bay, Jennyfer, etc. At the moment summer clothes would be ideal but am...
  3. Helen

    London Stationery Show

    London Stationery Show is the UK’s only trade event dedicated to stationery, showcasing the biggest selection of writing and paper products from around the world. Held in The Designer Centre in Islington, London October 2021. At London Stationery Show you’ll find the biggest UK and international...
  4. R

    Starting a new eBay Business.....

    Hi, I am thinking of starting my own home run eBay business. Looking to build a list of potential wholesale suppliers. If you offer small minimum order and reasonable prices. Please do post a reply. I am still planning at this stage but I have contacted two suppliers from this site already and...
  5. C


    Hey all :) Im searching for a supplier of 90's & 00's womenswear & also high end designer items from that era. I am based in the UK but supplier could be based internationally too. Please contact me if you supply this kind of clothing. Thankyou!
  6. A

    Underwear wholesaler

    I am looking for a good quality lingerie wholesaler but can’t seem to find one, does anyone have contacts?
  7. R


    Hi everyone, I have a vintage store with VAT no. and onlinestore as well located in Denmark. I am currently looking for new wholesale suppliers. Mainly brands like Evisu, Chrome Hearts, Champion, Arc'teryx, TNF. Looking for everything from hats, jeans, tees, jackets and so on. I'm new to...
  8. That Designer Wholesale

    Stock Offer Kenzo Stock - UK

    We are the authorised stockists of Kenzo. Please contact us for an up to date stocklist via email. Goods are in the UK.
  9. GoWholesale1

    Stock Offer UK B2B Fashion,Home and Beauty Wholesale Marketplace Suppliers

    Go Wholesale is a B2B Fashion Marketplace. Order from 1000s of products with peace of mind that every supplier is verified. Discover unique products from womens wholesale clothing, wholesale shoes and accessories to match. With Womens, Mens and Kidswear we have the perfect products for your...
  10. A

    designer vintage wholesale

    hi there looking for designer vintage and unique vintage pieces at wholesale need to be able to hand pick - not looking for bulk buying message for list of brands and moodboard - focussing on high-end designer from 00s and 90s thanks
  11. J

    Looking for wholesale fashion clothing (men's wear, women's wear, children's wear)

    At present, I need to change the clothes in my shop from time to time. I can't design clothes. I can only look for clothes that are fashionable and sell well. I used to restock in the local market, and the style was too simple. My friend introduced me to an online clothing wholesale website...
  12. A

    We are looking for suppliers from several markets.

    Hello everyone, We are looking for suppliers from the following industries: Agriculture, Auto & Transport, Bags, Shoes & Accessories, Clothing, Electronics, Food, Fruits & Vegetables, Gifts, Sports &, Toys, Health & Beauty, Home & Real estate, Industrial & Machinery, Jewelry, Medical Our...
  13. M

    UK Liquidators wanted

    Hi, I’m looking for liquidators or wholesalers who sell branded DIY tools, gaming, or household items in UK. All products should be in new condition. Thanks, Michael
  14. M

    Wholesale cosmetics

    Hi, I’m working as an NHS nurse at present but have a small limited company on the side to sell things at boot sales. Obviously with the recent health crisis this has been moot but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a cosmetics wholesaler - I’m thinking things like make up and fake tan...
  15. J

    Offer Ended/Closed 440+ CLIP ON READING LIGHTS

    FREE LOCAL DELIVERY (in line with government guidelines) Over 440 Brand new clip on reading lights Selling on amazon for £10 each Return of £4,400. All boxed as pictured Grab an absolute bargain
  16. J


    FREE LOCAL DELIVERY Total rrp of over £3000 All brand new selling at well below cost price, grab a crazy bargain!! The stock list cosists of: *193x packs of 12 west colouring pencils- Rrp £3.99 each *212x packs of 6 west colouring pencils- Rrp £2.99 each *125x packs of 5-10. Various Edding...
  17. S

    Start up questions

    Hi all, I've just joined and have a couple of questions....I've had a search and can't see them answered. Hoping someone can help! 1. Firstly I plan to launch a product later this year, for this example lets say its along the lines of a hamper where branded products are mixed (no big name...
  18. U

    Stationery and household goods wholesale

    我们在欧洲仓库中有大量文具(例如商务笔记本,商务笔,学生书包等)和日用品(餐具,母婴用品等)。如果您有兴趣,请与我联系whatsapp:420776705612或电子邮件:[email protected]
  19. A

    Where do sim sellers on eBay or other marketplaces get so many sim cards from?

    I've been browsing commerce platforms and see that they are a number of people selling various network sim cards in bulk, 10s, 20s, 30s... 100s, 200s and more. I've searched online but cannot figure out how such a large quantity is obtained and is it profitable to sell?
  20. H

    Women’s and Men’s clothing wanted!!

    I have recently started my own embroidery business, however to start making good profit i will need to buy from a wholesaler/supplier to do so. Can anyone recommend a clothing wholesaler/supplier in the UK ?