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  1. B


    Hey, I am looking for a vintage, early 2000’s clothing supplier, preferably well known brands like the usual ( evisu, nike, Carhartt, hardy, etc). I currently run a up coming trending Depop shop but trying to connect with a new wholesaler, as I haven't been impressed with the quality of my...
  2. A


    Hey there! I'm a seller from Denmark looking for a supplier that have stock including brands like cop copine, Jean paul gaunter, miss sixty, miu miu, Roberto cavalli, deisel, espirit and more! Clothing needed such as mini skirts, long skirts, cargo, leather jackets, any jackets, tops, flares...
  3. E


    I need a supplier that have stock including brands like cop copine, Jean paul gaunter, miss sixty, miu miu, Roberto cavalli, deisel, espirit and more! Clothing needed such as mini skirts, long skirts, cargo, leather jackets, any jackets, tops, flares, jeans, bags, accessories, glasses. Basically...
  4. M

    LOOKING FOR SUPPLY - Branded Vintage Clothing & Accessories (90s-Y2K)

    Good evening, I currently run a company in Germany selling vintage clothing online. I am looking for a reliable, high quality supplier of vintage clothing to further build my brand with authentic branded products. I am especially interested in vintage Nike products (track pants and suits...
  5. S

    Looking for Y2K second hand Vintage Clothing

    Hi! We're a company looking to buy stock for our online shop. We're searching for y2k style clothing, denim mini skirts, graphic bright tops, flared low waisted jeans and such! We would love branded items like Pimkie, Morgan de Toi, Jennyfer, Custo Barcelona, etc but we're fine with non branded...
  6. M

    Looking for wholesale 90’s and y2k clothing!

    I’m looking for wholesale 90’s and y2k skirts, jeans, halter tops, baby tees, dresses, handbags etc. Thank you! Also looking for designer brands from 90’s early 2000’s!
  7. S

    Looking for 90's, 2000's clothing cop copine, save the queen, miss sixty

    Hello, Looking for 90's, 2000's clothing cop copine, save the queen, miss sixty
  8. R

    y2k stock needed !

    Hi there, I formerly ran a top Depop seller page but stopped as I no longer needed the money, but looking to start up again. The page had 3500 followers as well as 400 + 5* reviews. Im looking for someone to supply me with regular stock in the form of - Evisu, Maharishi, Stussy, Ed Hardy...
  9. A

    Y2K STOCK NEEDED! - Looking for a regular supplier ❤️‍🩹

    Hey! I am looking for a supplier to get regularly (once a month) y2k style clothes. I have an online store and I need stock for my vintage drops! I’m looking mostly for alternative fashion, attention to the brands below! von dutch, smet, ed hardy, lip service, skinny minnie, vintage playboy...
  10. B

    Japanese 2000s Supply

    Hi! Looking for a Japanese 2000s fashion supplier. Brands like Bape, Evisu, Baby Milo, Angel Blue, Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture,Co&Lu, etc. Need deadstock, wholesale, bulk monthly. Please contact me ASAP
  11. B

    Looking for 2000s Y2K Stock

    Looking for supply of vintage 2000s Ed Hardy, Bape, Juicy Couture, Baby Milo, Hysteric Glamour,VonDutch, Playboy etc pieces. Really looking for hats and swimsuits too. I run a Depop and popular 2000s TikTok page. Need monthly new stock.
  12. B

    Looking for wholesale/bulk order of 90s/y2k womens clothes.

    Looking to purchase brands like hysteric glamour, von dutch, ed hardy, miss sixty, custo barcelona, zana-di...etc. Prefer smaller sizes (XXS-M) but open to other as well.
  13. 1

    1990s/Y2k/Early 2000s Women's Clothing, Juniors Clothing Wanted

    Looking to purchase old stock women's, or juniors clothing. If any one has a large quantity of old stock, I would like to purchase wholesale. I know of some stores that went out of business, and would gladly take the stock off your hands. Some brands include but are not limited to-- Wild cat...
  14. R

    Y2k & 90's Designer vintage, Evisu, Avirex, Stone Island, Ed Hardy, Moschino, Iceberg & more (Large budget)

    Hi, I run one of the biggest online vintage stores in Europe and am looking for new suppliers. Please get in touch if you can supply: Avirex, Evisu, Iceberg, Moschino, Ed Hardy, Stussy, TNF, Arcteryxx, Bape, Oakley, Stone Island, CP Company, Berghaus, Patagonia, Chrome Hearts, Fendi, Versace...
  15. G

    Vintage Y2k designer/90’s stock / supplier wanted

    Hi, Reseller in need of a new stock supplier /wholesale. Looks for Y2k and 90s vintage as well as designer. Looking for a regular source, brands such as Morgan de toi, new look, miss sixty, Fcuk, Ed hardy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, baby phat. Deadstock etc etc. Thank you!
  16. K

    y2k wholesale supplier needed

    hi, i'm looking for a wholesale supplier of 90s - early 2000s women's tops, dresses, bottoms, bags and accessories. brands e.g. jane norman, morgan de toi, kookai, custo barcelona, miss sixty, etam, hysteric glamour and others. if anyone offers this kind of supply please reach out!
  17. L

    90s/2000s vintage clothing stock wanted

    Hello, I run a small Depop shop and am looking to find a supplier to buy vintage streetwear clothing from (2000s/90s era). Brands such as - Stüssy, Ed Hardy, Evisu, Burberry, Miss Sixty, Versace, Von Dutch etc. I am interested in purchasing monthly/frequently. Any help would be much...
  18. 1

    Vintage 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's / 2000's, 90's dead stock wanted.

    Hi, I am currently running an online vintage shop based in Melbourne, Australia. I am seeking a supplier who can provide me with women's vintage pieces from the the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's era, as well as dead stock pieces from 90's/ 2000's (Y2K). Dead stock Brands such as Face off , Aztec Rose...
  19. M

    Seeking 90s Y2K 2000s Wholesale Supplier

    Hi I am currently running an online & pop up vintage shop based in Houston, Tx. I am currently seeking a supplier who can provide me with dead stock vintage pieces from the 90s & 2000s era including clothing, shoes & accessories. I am seeking pieces from brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior...
  20. C

    Looking for vintage y2k 90s/2000s fashion

    Hi! I’m starting up an online store and am looking for a supplier who can provide 90s/early 2000s branded clothes, consisting of brands such as Ed Hardy, True Religion, Miss Sixty, Cop Copine, Von Dutch and Save the Queen. Please let me know if you can supply and get into contact with me. Thank...