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5 Local SEO Methods For Your Local Business

1. Increase Local Rankings with Google Ads

This is wrong because SEO and Google Ads are two unrelated things. Thus, one has no direct impact on the other.

2. Organic Rankings and Local Rankings are independent of each other

The truth is that organic rankings have a significant influence on local rankings. Therefore, if you have good organic rankings, it is most likely that your local ranking will have satisfactory results too.

3. You do local SEO only once

Organic SEO and local SEO are the same. You can never do it on a one-time basis because it is a continuous, ongoing process. Continuous improvement on your local SEO means having an edge on your competition.

4. Quick Win is equaled to sustainable ranking positions

Digital marketers often make one big mistake specifically tricking search engines by getting quick wins. Take note that SEO requires time and patience otherwise, you will be constantly hunting for leads or the next sale. Consistency in your efforts will keep you on the right track.

5. Your Google My Business rankings are improved with geotagging your photos

This is a wrong concept, hence, a myth since Google geotags uploaded images automatically. It means that you will just be wasting your time if you do so. Although geotags can affect your website, it is quite minimal that you wouldn’t notice any huge changes.
May 26, 2021
Thank you for your advice, but could you tell us more about your organic and local ranking? I repair and maintain computers, how this information can be used to improve the flow of customers. I'm going to have a financial slump soon, and the clientele is not increasing in any way. I am advising the CEO on development, and I am currently trying to look into this issue. I have been instructed to seek professional advice. Friends advise you to contact freelance SEO consultant Daniel Foley. What can you tell me about this consultant? Maybe you can recommend someone else. Or perhaps you can tell me how to do it so as not to waste too much time.
Oct 28, 2021
There are many myths about SEO, and it's really nice when experts eliminate these myths with the truth.
Indeed, SEO is quite complex, and many people misunderstand some concepts.
Another myth is related to crowd marketing.
Many people underestimate its effects and usefulness, and it is a huge mistake. When done right, crowd marketing is one of the most effective link-building methods.
You may read more about crowd marketing in this article: https://crowdmark.net/crowd-marketing-what-it-is-how-it-work/
May 13, 2022