Advice for getting OFF of eBay

Have you had a bad selling experience with eBay as a wholesale company?

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I thought i would get a post out there about eBay.... :)

We left the site a few years ago and someone asked me today would i ever go back..?
My answer: NO. Absolutely never for all the sourcing leads in China. What an enormous distraction, waste of time and hindrance on running a growing business. I have never had a worse experience in business since i started...

How did we find ourselves using eBay? Same as any other importer wholesaler brand owner etc.... "oh hey, maybe we could retail a bit and rake in a bit more ROI on these products we sell, MAYBE we can get our own brands out there and attract some more wholesale buyers, dammit what an idea! Everyone's doing it it must be a good idea!". Ha.... honestly if any of those two thoughts have ever come into your head..... you need to go smoke something strong and brain wiping...

eBay is bad for any business. It will rip 17-26% of your top end and will give you NOTHING in the way of support. Customers will **** you for free items, Royal Mail will sell you PPI accounts that resemble a skip.... losing so much of your stock you may as well have skipped it in your carpark yourself and just wired your customer some cash. Budget couriers will under perform beyond belief, act slowly and take 30 days to refund lost items. Here is a checklist of how you can get away from eBay as a smaller trader:

>If you aren't selling on eBay: Good! Don't start.... It is a total mirage of opportunity and its algorithmic system will create the perception that you are winning when really you are over sponsoring and racking up huge admin costs. The moment your company accountant starts to chuck bag figures you will pull your hair out.

>eBay is not a solution for flushing stock. Goodbye 14% top end + shipping per trade and hello Mr Cheapskate a hole thinking he is Richard Branson. For bigger lots you have by pallet: There are literally hundreds (1000s) of companies that will take your stock at cost if you need to flush, don't be lazy, get on linked in, forums, at trade shows and find them. Remove anyone who is not VAT registered to cut out the jokers.Also.... remember.. If you have stock to flush be smart! Flush it to new contacts and use it to make free friends! Flushing it to joe bloggs online doing boot fairs is obviously not good customer channel building is it!

>For smaller flushes and larger variations of SKUs: Instead of trying to retail your over stock, literally call up 20 private retailers in your town. Get in your van and go give them your stockist printout. You can sell that stock cheaper and in bigger bulk with no eBay fees. It is STOCK it is REAL and tangible. No-one will tell you to leave their store or be unperceptive if you walk in with "I have an overstock/discount stock list"

>Lastly. Do not stock gimmick stock, specific items or internet order items. Just say no. If you get offered a product that is too specific for your companies focus, just say no.

Very interested to hear any more anti eBay members out there and hear some funny stories of how the bay screwed you or your company over. Also, if you get on with the bay... would love to hear your opinion too :)