Average customs processing times at Felixstove

Hi All,

I have impoted LED Lights products from china and they have reached at Felixstove. All the paper work is sent by the fright handler to the customs on Friday. Any idea how long does it takes to clear the customs?
Easter is near and I just don't want my products to stuck into customs and pay storage fees to the fright handlers.

Can anyone advise me how much time it takes to get the customs cleared?

Customs clearance normally takes 1-3 working days if all the paperwork are in order but it can take significantly longer if customs hold the shipment.Once the shipment cleared the freight handler should able to arrange a delivery of a full container within 1-2 days ,LCL loads may take longer if they need to open and devan a container.I advise to keep chase your freight handler by phone and request an update of the custom clearance process and if they request any additional paperwork or details provide without any delay ,it will speed up the process. Due to the high winds Felixstowe port are closed until tomorrow.This is the message below we received from our custom clearance agent below this morning

Please be advised wind speeds recorded at the Port of Felixstowe have exceeded operational limits. As a result both Rail and Yard Operations have been affected and the port has been closed since the early hours this morning. Predicted high winds are expected for the rest of today and going into tomorrow.
For the safety of all port users they are currently restricting access to operational areas. Vehicles are being marshalled on site and will be processed through to operational areas as soon as it is safe to do so. It is inevitable that backlogs and delays must be expected during this time and that Easter deliveries could also be affected as haulage is constricted by the two public holidays.
Thank a lot for this info. I am chasing my fright handler but not getting much info instead getting a standard reply "Docs send for customs processing".
Hi Greenled,

Customs clearance in around 95% of cases is nowadays almost immediate - With the odd exception for documentation checks/examinations, etc. However, the shipment is only deemed live (and as such clearance can be granted), when the Vessel arrives at quay (FCL), or container arrives at the ETFS warehouse for unloading (LCL). As AKW mentions there has been very high winds at Felixstowe which may cause vessel delays. (I was on the beach there yesterday so can vouch for it!). Sounds like you are shipping on prepaid CIF/C&F terms. Ship FOB in future - Will probably work out much cheaper and you have more control over the forwarder you use.
Hello Guys,
Thanks very much for your replies.
Just got the invoice from the forwarder with the customs VAT and Duty. So hoping to get the good by tomorrow. Feeling excited and keeping figures crossed.
Hi Sonal,

Sounds like your first consignment, hope that everything arrives ok.

Good luck!