Beware of forum scammers and mafia style wholesale organisations.

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This is just an information suggestion post to anyone unfortunate to come accross any forum scammers as well as any mafia style wholesale criminal organisations and how to pick out anyone linked to them(i mean people who advertise the scam websites on

forums to direct people to the website(a simple form of advertising)

If you visit the US dept of justice website will see this story:

It highlights the `shadow crew` organisation which specialised in fraud fraud and more fraud.

Its most likely that there is a nice little(or big) wholesale fraud organisation in operation right now

with multiple(if not hundreds of members) who set up a LOT of scam style websites whether it be

fake escrow,fake shop,fake shipping sites (all it takes is a couple of good web programmers......a

couple of good identity theft pros and some nice proxies to hide ips etc) and voila! a criminal

organisation.Location doesnt mean anything also......these organisations can comprise members

in multiple countries with the power to forge a document and open up a temp bank account in

ANY country.

These organisations obviously need people to advertise thier scam sites right?
A nice place to start is b2b portals like alibaba(most commonly used i think)
Another place is forums like this
The scammer will usually just give out a random scam website `asking are they ok` to make it

look like they want to find out something.....when the REAL reason they posted it was to

advertise the site.Usually they wont respond to any replies as well they just post the website and

thats it.And remember they can use proxies to register at other forums under a different username and ask the SAME`anyone heard of them` QUESTION!
Then we have the classic forum scam whereby a person will post a RECOMMENDED

site which they claim is legit and claim they ordered/recived products

from...................then...........register under another proxy and and userid and then back themselves

up with a nice little `i too received my product` post to make it all legit(this can be done multiple

times of course).
So far while being on this forum all i can say is ive come accross 2 people who look to me like

they are attempting to scam people.
The first person posted a website and claimed they received thier goods.............then

later on we saw it moved to name and shame and other people have inturn lost money to them.

The second person suggested a website and told everyone they look legit and had enquired via

email about thier products.Then only a matter of weeks later.....the SAME person is suddenly

defending the site and claiming they are the owner/entrepreneur.

So my 2 suggestions to everyone is:
1-- beware of criminal organisations(they are rampant).....always chek domain registrant info if they are non freeweb(freeweb usually means they are scammers anyway) try and add 2 and 2 together and never underestiamte the abilities these organisations can have.Remember locations means nothing in todays world of forgery and internet.

2-- beware of forum scammers....they can also use tricks to mislead people(most people class forums as a place of trust)......ALWAYS check a members POST/THREAD HISTORY before doing any dealings with them or thier related sites/suppliers.Check for any similarities in messages..........and a suggestion to mods once again...........if it is proven that someone is has mislead other members of the forum then.........get rid of them............before they go and mislead someone else.


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May 30, 2005
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Very good post woodle!

One thing about this forum, is these people do try and get through, but they are almost always found out.
Another to look for on these scam sites is that if the product is to good to be true for the price then it is probably just that!.......too good to be true!

There is a vast amount of knowledge in this forum and hence the name and shame section is littered with scam sites!!

Message to mods! -- With woodle's post in mind, would it not be an idea to make all URL's in the name and shame section 'Un-clickable' so as SE's don't pick them up! and they don't get the advertisement they might of intended to get from the forum.
Oct 17, 2004
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Excellent post Woodle,

Thank You for sharing it.

We were aware of something similar but there are various things that we didn't know, so thank you.. :)

@ Dave; We will ensure from now on that any organisation that goes into the "Name & Shame" section of the forum will not have a clickable link displayed.

Again thanks for sharing woodle.. :)

Apr 3, 2005
wouldnt you want them to be clickable? so that when someone searches for them in google, they'll see this forum and can save their money?
otherwise, only members on this forum will know about them
i think this forum has alot of potentional, but the main problem is they don't advertise the forum enough. You guys also need to make one for us americans! lol
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