Beware of Mingche Era (Tianjin) Automobile Sales Company Ltd – a fraudulent company trading on Alibaba

The company claims on its website to be “the largest used car trading company in China” with an annual turnover of between $50 million to $100 million, but it is clearly fraudulent.

The company scammed me of US$ 19,300 to deliver a tipper truck which was 4 years old, in very good condition and with an odometer of not more than 40k miles. However, the vehicle which was delivered was not roadworthy. One of the people at the port commented that it looked like a vehicle brought out of the scrapyard and just painted over. Checks by mechanics indicated that the truck was an accident one and at least, 10 years old. Most suppliers no longer stock parts for it.

After almost seven months of continuous work on the truck, including replacement of many parts and at substantial cost, the truck is still not fit to be used. Photos, videos and copies of our agreement are available but I don't have a way of posting them here.