Brand startup

Jun 27, 2020
Hello everyone on wholesaleforums. I've been reading your posts all morning and learning alot. What a great resource for people who want to start an e-commerce business.

Me and my wife are starting a brand selling ceramic products with unique designs not yet sold in the UK (as far as I know!)

We already sell ceramic products on eBay so used to dealing with wholesalers and b2c transactions!

So we're looking at the mums, grandmas and over 50s as the target market.

Right now we think we have a good brand name, it took us 4 days of bouncing names of each other. But we managed to find a feminine name, personal as my daughter's name is in it and we can have the .com so super excited about this!

I'll be meeting with the wholesaler on Thursday to go over logistics and getting 3 designs prepared.

I'm here to learn and make contact with other wholesalers.

I also design websites and do online marketing and concentrate on SEO more then anything else so maybe I can help out with these subjects in the forum.

Sounds really exciting Adam! Welcome to the forum, good to have you in the community!