News Brexit Insights with Darren Brundell of Woodland Global

Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
There have been a lot of things happening over the first 2 weeks of Brexit, and as we are all beginning to see, there are lots of problems going on across borders - a lot of news happening around is that goods cannot cross borders due to lack of or incomplete paperwork.

One major industry affected by all of this is the logistics sector, having difficulties with their services due to issues crossing borders. We already heard DPD suspending European services because of Brexit, and recently, reports came in that DB Schenker will also halt moving goods from EU to UK.

As such, we took in some insights from Darren Brundell, International Trade and Compliance Manager of Woodland Group, to see what is it like right now in the logistics industry.

As Darren mentioned, the current problem is that many businesses have not prepared and do not have a clue on what is required for importing. He said that in a lot of instances, businesses have not discussed the issues with their respective suppliers and buyers, how they have not realised Incoterms can affect their supply chain, and have not conversed this with their carriers. This brings to light the concerns addressed by DPD and recently, DB Schenker - whom both have already suspended european services.


Currently there are also simply not enough customs agents to handle the volumes of European customs clearances - Every day we receive numerous enquiries from businesses literally begging us to handle customs paperwork on their behalf as they have been let down by their forwarders. Even though we invested quite heavily last year insetting up a brand new European customs brokerage department, we are already swamped and volumes are only doing to increase in the next few weeks as companies wake up from their Christmas breaks. Our team is working around the clock right now, but are not being helped again with the issues of companies not being prepared and not always sending over the correct information and documentation needed.

Darren has also mentioned that a good number of systems have been introduced since the beginning of the year. They are currently working as expected to, however still drives confusion. This proves true in deliveries to Ireland and Northern Ireland, in which a number of lorries are unable to cross because they had not followed the new procedures.

He also mentioned that they receive a lot of inquiries from traders that use Amazon. Amazon has stopped Pan-European services and refuse to be the importer on record for deliveries to the UK or EU. Due to that, sellers need to register for VAT / EORI numbers for them to be logged as the importer of record.

It is true that there are a lot of confusion and problems with importing and exporting as we speak. However, Darren has mentioned that it will all settle down in time. In that sense, we should all for now buckle up and hang tight as this will definitely be a roller coaster of a quarter for all businesses.

Bit of info:

Incoterms: Incoterms are ‘International Commercial Terms’ that are used worldwide for the international trade of goods.
They clearly communicate the responsibilities between a seller and buyer in regards to tasks, costs and risks associated with the global transportation process.

To know more about Incoterms, and to check how important it is for your business, you may refer to this checklist:

Kudos to Darren Brundell of Woodland Group for the insight. To know more, you may contact Darren via @Import Expert
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