Buying clearance clothing and shoes advice

Hi everyone.
I have not been on this forum for a long time, only just realised its changed name.
I actually left selling on Ebay and Amazon a couple of years ago but due to lockdown decided to come back.
I have always sold in a certain niche (Hunting) but since coming back i have started buying various items such as pallets of clearance stocks mainly from a company called brit deals which is great and has worked out ok so far.

My question is.
With these clearance companies like Brit Deals and Gem Wholesale they seam to sell a lot of clothing and shoes etc and the profit looks very good.
But I have never sold apparel before so would like to know if anyone has purchased from either of the above and was the Clothing/Footwear lots worth it or did you just end up with dead stock.
the type i have been looking into is Clearance stock from Gem Wholesale and brand new from Brit deals as i do not want the trouble buying returns.

Any advice or your own experience with these companies would be great.

Thank you in advance and its good to be back sharing on this forum again.
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