Clossy Himalayan Salt Lamps

Apr 23, 2020
Do you have damaged Himalayan salt lamps/cables and tatty boxes issue? ‘Clossy London’ has a solution!

We have invested and invented a “unique unmatched Polystyrene based packaging system” for our Himalayan salt lamps. The benefits of our foam packing are:

  • 100% safe delivery of the lamps without any scratch or crack
  • No more damaged cable or bulbs as these are placed safely within its own housing
  • A Premium gift box” for present / gift and amazing customer experience
  • Safe courier delivery, fewer defects – “more profit
  • Great customer feedback and reviews, which is a great boost for online retailers
With our innovative packing system, we can make customised packaging of any lamp shape as per the customer requirement. We offer you a great opportunity with our patented packaging system.

We invested heavily to build modern facilities that attracted the finest artisans across Pakistan and formed an exceptional and skilled team to meet the demands of international customers around the globe.
Customer satisfaction, communication, and quality are among our core values. Our office in the UK is in front of customer satisfaction in which UK EU customers can discuss their bespoke designs, get regular updates about their orders and discuss any potential issues in person or over the phone without worrying about time zone difference and trust deficiency. We are laser focus on quality and flawless execution to exceed our customer’s satisfaction.