Crowdsourcing ideas - international business payments

Apr 25, 2021
This is not advertising: we are looking for business owners willing to share their views and to help us design better products.

We are an Oxford University affiliated startup building a new platform that helps new businesses to grow beyond borders by making finance simpler. I would be grateful to anyone who is willing to share their thoughts about hurdles and needs that come to mind regarding paying or receiving cross-border business payments for a small business. Our first product helps any business book currency exchange in advance without blocking your working capital and then use it over time to make or receive payments. Businesses can save time and money while getting rates that work for their profit margins.

- Would a solution like this be interesting to small importers, exporters, distributors?
- Apart from the solution mentioned above and trade finance products, any additional services you would find beneficial to your business?
- Any other reactions / thoughts / questions are welcome.
Thank you,