Service Offer Digital stock brokering ( PC games, Xbox Live, PSN)

Aug 11, 2016
We are starting to do manual digital stock brokering for our partners/suppliers via Trello board:

About us:

  • 5 years in business, outstanding reputation
  • All our stock we are brokering here is digital ( scans or .txt)
  • All our suppliers are registered video game distributors/resellers
  • Complaint ratio <1%
  • Wide range of products
  • 200 verified buyers on subscribe list, 300+ Skype contacts, increasing every week
  • We are covering all major distributing countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, China, United Arab Emirates, United States, Sweden, Netherlands
  • Contact us if you have any questions and lets get some deals going

Submitting offers:

Offers are taken via our email ( [email protected]) or via Skype ( sales.rottconn) .

  • Game name
  • Platform
  • Languages
  • Region locks
  • MOQ per title, in case you don't have a MOQ our default is 20 units per title
  • Quantity ( optional)
  • Time frame for taking orders
  • Delivery date
  • We always ask for a permission to post your deals on Trello board

Ordering stock:

All orders are done manually via email ( [email protected]) or Skype ( sales.rottconn)

  • Only registered sole traders/companies can order from us
  • Negotiations on prices are possible
  • Order more, save more
  • Minimum MOQ per title is 20 units
  • Upfront payments as usual, bank transfers are only accepted ( SEPA)
  • We are offering 101% refund for undelivered orders
  • Delivery is done via with encryption
Searching for offers:

  • Press "F" on your keyboard
  • Filter by labels ( Hot, Medium, Cold offers and Instructions)
  • Filter by game name

Best regards,