News Double Whammy: Border problems and Staff shortages causing shortage of Fruits and Vegetables

Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
As we proceed in our daily lives post Brexit, supermarkets are now experiencing issues piling up, as some shelves are running empty due to new border laws.


Tesco's online store now shows some berries and vegetables like cauliflower, leeks, and lettuce running out of stock. Ocado's now also listing carrots and broccoli as unavailable in their website.

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has also mentioned that the problem at ports will escalate beginning today as French patrols increase their enforcement of paperwork.

The Road Haulage Association mentioned that there is already a logjam and will escalate further, estimating that one of every five lorries are being turned back due to COVID protocols and unsatisfactory paperwork. This is estimated to reach 6,000 a day, a troubling number given the current situation.

All the while, COVID is not being a helpful fellow as supermarkets are also facing staff shortages, with some getting sick, or need to isolate as part of safety protocols, in which meat production has been thoroughly affected.

Nature's Choice Commercial Director, Vernon Mascarenhas, has said:

We will begin to see gaps on shelves from this Wednesday. The only way to resolve it is for the Government to sort out the paperwork issue. This should have been at the top of the Government’s agenda, but it did not even cross their radar.
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