Dropshipping coffee UK - legal stuff & incorporation

Apr 22, 2021

I'm in a pickle here. I want to start dropshipping coffee in UK and I'm not sure if I need to register a private limited company or not.

Although I wouldn't handle the inventory, (my suppliers (UK suppliers) will ship the products directly to customers) it is still considered a food business. Therefore, it is generally advised to incorporate yourself because of the limited labiality.

I assume I'll need some kind of food insurance and licences as well.

So, generally speaking, it seems like a big commitment for a 'business' that might not bring any money whatsoever.

For people who are first starting out it is usually advised to go as a sole trader. So even if it was possible to get the relevant licenses as a sole trader, there's still the issue of liability in case a customer falls ill or something because of my coffee.

Registering a business is not hard nor expensive but I guess I'm a bit anxious of all the other stuff that comes after..

How would you go about it?

Thanks in advance