News eBay report 1/3 of buyers already purchased Christmas items!

It may seem strange in the middle of a heat wave to start ringing the bells of Christmas but eBay have found both a 44% increase on searches for "Christmas" or "xmas" in 2020 vs. 2019 and in a survey to consumers who celebrate Christmas they have found that over third have already bought Christmas items.

It would also seem that this is driven by "passion presents" in relation to the 56% of people who have taken up a new hobby during lockdown.

Harmony Murphy, Head of Advertising UK at eBay, comments: “In a year steeped with uncertainty, the only thing we know for sure is that this year’s Christmas will be an incredibly important retail milestone. And, with so many events, occasions and gatherings cancelled this year, it’s easy to understand why Brits are already excited and planning ahead for a more thoughtful and meaningful celebration.

“However, with so much having changed this year – from plans and priorities to interests and incomes – brands now face a huge challenge as they look to make their Christmas campaigns relevant to a transformed consumer. If they haven’t already, marketers must start planning and putting Christmas strategies into action – and use the freshest insights and smartest technology to reach the right people with the most meaningful messages. Precise, real-time targeting tools, such as the new eBay Advanced Audience Technology (eAAT), have huge potential to help brands to expertly target in-market shoppers this Christmas based on proven passions and interests.”

It isn't that surprising that with such an uncertainty around finances and lack of confidence in being able to predict the future (COVID certainly taught us that!) that families are preparing ahead and spreading their spend over more months.

For online sellers this is important in getting the right products in front of buyer eyes at the right, we usually tell sellers to be stocking for Christmas by the end of summer - and it seems that this year that will be more important than ever if you are going to get your slice of the pie. eBay seems like a sensible place to do this as one of your slaes channels, especially with the recent news that they won't be passing on their new 2% online tax to SME sellers (unlike Amazon).

In a bid to support brands during this time of uncertainty, eBay has launched a new report – Christmas spend trends: the path to profit during a pandemic – outlining insights into consumers’ evolving attitudes and priorities and offering actionable advice to help advertisers ensure this Christmas is a commercial success. It is extremely useful - especially to get your Christmas juices flowing despite the heat! We will be posting this for download today so watch this space!