eBay shop or not

started my little business on ebay and a friend is doing a website for me . ive got about 22 dif clothing . im selling
sportswear so in total I have about 200 items .is it worth opening a ebay shop.. also one lot of clothing I just cant sell at all
not sold 1 t shirt . yet other sellers have shifted 100s of the same t shirt my pricing is good just strange I cant sell any.
other stuffs is going ok well past 5 days its gone a bit dead


Is it across the board gone quiet, or on specific products? If your pricing is good, it's worth looking at your seller rating compared to others, image quality, description, returns policy, price of postage - all of these will impact a buyer's decision. Also, what category and sub-category your products are in and make sure you've filled in the Brand in the 'Brand' field - all of these can mae a huge difference to how many search results you appear in.
hi Helen

thanks for replying .it as gone quiet across the board tbh it was really good up to Christmas
I offer free pp as I want to get my feed back higher.some of my stuff shows up on page 1 .I have 100 %
really good feed back .the item that hasn't sold at all where others have sold 100s
comes up on page 2 so its not as if its well down .description seems ok ive not got the fancy logos the ebay shop sellers have
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Having a shop might help, but tbh it's likely to be a combination of things. It's a bit unscientific but you could ask a friend to pretend they're on eBay looking for say a 'blue t-shirt' and see if they come across yours, and if they do (or if they don't show them a search results with yours included) and ask them to look at each product and tell you which one they'd buy. If it's not yours, ask them why not... then work to changing those things!
Sep 2, 2014
I agree with Helen, always have a mixture of product, find out which sells fast and keep more stock of that product
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