eBay social marketing strategy - How To

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A simple and clever social network marketing strategy to build your eBay business is to use status updates to post links to your eBay items on social networking sites such as twitter, linkedIn and facebook.

“A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship.” John D. Rockefeller

How to approach a social media marketing campaign using eBay and twitter as an example

  1. Personalise
  2. Schedule
  3. SEO
  4. Track & Report
  5. Advertise successes

Personalise your messages
  • No one likes a social message to be pure sales so rewrite “Hey I love the new XXXXX” its on special offer right now HERE! <link>”.
  • Try to alter the message to read something more like “Saw this and thought of you <link>”.
  • People are inquisitive and if you make it seem interesting to them personally then they are more likely to click through
  • Make the message relevant to your customers and prospects
  • Open more than one account with your social network, one for personal contact and the other for customers and prospects.

Schedule your messages
  • No one likes spam so limit the amount of messages you send in one go.
  • Don’t send the same message out more than once every couple of hours.
  • Time your messages with on-line events such as other PR activity or wider ranging events such as sports or political events depending on the items for sale.
  • Send messages whilst you sleep to encourage continual activity on your account .

SEO optimise your messages
  • Employ the use of hashtags to encourage generic searches for an audience outside your social network who may be searching for similar items.
  • Ensure your message is not only found in the social network of choice but also in google searches. The more specific the detail, the ore likely someone will find it.
  • Use URL shortening to limit space wastage, as with many sites you may only have 140 characters to use for your message so use them wisely

Track and Report
  • Use services to track click through rates to see where and when your messages are performing for your target audience
  • Adjust your trading strategies based on the reports to ensure you are getting the best return for your marketing.

Advertise successes
  • Use social networks to advertise other messages as well as sales messages, for example successful trades, great customers, new offers, personal news.
  • You should aim to engage your clients and prospects to ensure that they relate to you as a seller and as a person, after all this is social business networking.

Technologies to use

There are free services and paid for sites and applications that provide various functions you can use to enjoy a successful Social media marketing campaign and build your eBay business, use URL shortening services and generic twitter clients with tracking and reporting functions. Ensure you find the right tools which let you search and select your eBay listings, schedule when to send them and track and report the results - preferably all in the same toolkit.

Good luck
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