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Getting Started

Looks like a good program. Am seriously considering but would like to ask everybodies input and tips. Am using ebay for startup cap. Any and all help is appreciated. Hope to be in the position to return the favor soon.
Dec 6, 2002
Hi James,

Which program are you referring to?. You posted a new thread.

As far as getting started is concerned, I have spent a lot of money on the popular (and not so popular) 'how to make money online' resources.

The key points I would offer as advice are:-

1 - Get your own product - You'll never create a solid business (unless you have major time on your hands) without a product of your own which you can sell to customers and affiliates. At least you will be able to get 100% of the profits for your work. Just make your product top quality.

2 - Focus on getting your own subscriber base - You need customers with whom you have established a rapor, not people on a list of someone elses who don't know you from Adam. Also having a customer/subscriver base will give you leverage for Business Partnerships with other online marketers.

3 - Ensure you give excellent customer service - It only takes one bad experience to drive away a customer (and don't think they won't tell anyone)

4 - Use the tools available on the Net to help you - There are many Free software aids for helping start and run a business online. There are obviously many that cost money (but some of these are well worth it).
I know the temptation when you start out is to either not want to spend a penny or to overbuy and end up disillusioned because non of it seemed to work.

5 - Make sure you think about your online business as you would a normal one - BEFORE YOU GO ONLINE with it. Plan what you want to offer, whether you want to be a merchant with your own product or an affiliate (which ever you pick - focus on it and do it well). If you do not setup your business with a sensible plan, you may find your product sells better than you expected but your system can't service your customers or your email management is overwhelmed, or your website wasn't hosted correctly and you can't handle the traffic (I say some of these things to cater for people who try to run a business hosting their site from their home PC and free webspace from their ISP). The basic things to start with (In my humble opinion - which you are free to ignore) are to get a domain name which gives a professional 1st point of contact, have an email address which you regularly check (communication is the foundation of customer service), preferably an email address that ties-in with your website/company name. An email program or list manager with which to start and manage a newsletter to build your online customer base with.

I think that's more than enough to get you started.

These things are Majorly important (IMHO) and as long as you start out with the sense to treat your business as a business, not a short term money-making scheme you should do well. Let us all know how you're doing as we're all in the same boat and you may learn something valuable to the rest of us.

Good luck

Lenny, Thanks for your input. Very helpful. Spending a lor of time researching before jumping in. Want to start slow and work a plan that is going to build slowly and progresively. Looking into the wholesale tool market. Thanks again :idea: :idea:
Dec 6, 2002
Hi again James,

To pick up on your wholesale tool point....

What type of tools do you have in mind?

I have a local wholesaler that have a variety of small handheld tools (the sort of thing that normally go for between £1 and £4 and boot-sales)

If you have a source for these I'd be interested in comparing prices.
If you have a source for larger (or power) tools, I may be interested in buying from you as my DIY'ing has been increasing in scale lately.

Ultimately I'm building up to Self-Building a house, but for now I'm doing increasingly big DIY projects.

It'd be nice to hear from you whatever your selling angle is.