News Google Drive Users: Get Ready For Transition

Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
For any of you who use Google Drive to save documents and other files, be ready because it will be declared dead by March, 2018.

That's right. In an announcement post made by Google itself, the company has already declared that Google Drive is now deprecated. It will no longer be supported starting 11th of December, 2017, and be completely shut down 12th March, 2018.


As an alternative, users are encouraged to use Drive File Stream, a service introduced by Google last March, and will be the new standard of cloud storage solution for Google. This in comes to light as Google Drive is now being outpaced by other cloud services, and in turn shifted Google's attention into this new solution.

It is however noted, that the general public will have access to the new Drive File Stream officially on the 26th of September. So, for the meantime, do a local transfer of your google drive files. The official shut down is not yet that near anyway, but it never hurts to start doing transitions right away.

More info on the shut down and transition in googleblog: