Have/do you use Yell.com or Connect?

Oct 13, 2010
Hi Guys hope everyone is well.

So I run a repair business for electronics and have been doing so for the past couple of years, got a shop, website and good customer base but now its time to drum up more business, I have been talking to Yell about paying for a placed Ad (3rd/4th position under certain searches) I do already get some business from my free Yell listing but I want to increase it now I know every business is different but I wanted to know who has used Yell and how did it go?

Also they have been telling me about a service called Connect which fixes your website errors (mine is over 80% error) list you on over 500 directories and change all the info to match each other (wording of my shop address etc) basically the point in it is so your website is more Google friendly as my website doesn't come up on google but does score 7.2 and my closest competitor's website score is 7.9 and they're ranked no.1 on Google so I am hoping it will fix this, the thing that bothers me about connect is its a 12 month contract £40 p/m, after it fixes my website issues and submits me to the directories what exactly will I be paying for after?

If you have used any of the above please drop me a comment with any useful info.

If you know of a better more cost effective solution please leave a comment.

Thanks guys!
Feb 9, 2016
A lot of these website scanners aren't really fair in the way they calculate scores, eg missing a title tag is a much bigger issue than having an extra image on a page.

Whilst i'm not defending Yell, I think they should be avoided at all costs, the 12 month contract usually protects them, they take a small amount each month rather than all at once, as otherwise for £40-£100, there isnt a chance they could pay marketing staff, developers, costs and do the actual job, even if they don't do a very good job at it.

You can PM me your URL if you want and i'll tell you exactly what needs doing and what probably doesn't need doing.
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