Have you dealt with Central House Publishing - Pizza hut deal

Oct 13, 2010
Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has dealt with Central House Publishing before? They are an advertising company that deal with Pizza Hut, they print material similar to the ones you may have had from your local Dominoes with all the deal vouchers on but with an Ad on the opposite page.

With my work number been public I get phone calls like this all the time offer police intranet advertising, magazine etc, most turn out to be a scam.

I believe these guys are legit but wanting to get some feedback as I can only find 1 review online.

Thanks in advance
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..if this firm is who I think it is, I have 3 words.
they used to be called Charter House publishing or something very similar, I have the paperwork at home, they used to produce very lush looking wedding brochures for hotels, once you sign, they just reinforce their terms and conditions to get your money, there is no guarantee that the brochures, or in this case, discount booklets will be printed in the quantities they boast, its just another advertising scam. They're still trading from the same premises with the same directors.