Have you ever changed your mind and gone back at work?

Jul 9, 2019
M&S had announced their new stores director as David Lepley only a month ago. Embarrassingly for them he has now changed his mind and decided to stay at Morrisons as they sweetened his position there.

Have you ever done this? Did it work out for you or did you regret it?
Dec 28, 2020
I was once in this situation.
I was only after university, I had no experience. I got my first job. And although I liked the job, the management treated me well, but the schedule and workload were very exhausting and difficult for me. I slept little, did not have free time for myself, gained weight, because I did not have time to eat normally, so I always bought fast food. So I worked for six months and thought about changing jobs.
I started looking for new vacancies and going for interviews. My management found out about this and offered me a 30% higher salary so that I could stay.
And I stayed. But after 4 months I still left, because I could no longer work in this mode. I didn't need that money because I didn't even have time to spend it. Then I found another job with a lower salary, but a comfortable schedule. Now everything suits me.