Hey guys,

I have recently started an online business buying unbranded clothing and putting my own designs on them, to create something a bit different. It's based on a target market of 1-5yrs.

I'd like to add other options to the site though for variation, like jackets for example. However'm struggling to find UK suppliers of clothing for this age group (that is boutique style) that's unbranded.

Am I missing something obvious! Should I stick to tshirt's and hoodies?


T-shirts and Hoodies will always be in quicker and cheaper supply than other more complicated clothing, but I don't think you're missing anything... sounds like a great idea and plan!

Have you tried the wholesale clothing section of the directory here https://www.thewholesaleforums.co.uk/directory/fashion.238

or we could put a shout out for you in the newsletter along with the other "Stock Wanted's"? let us know if you don't have any quick success?
Mar 23, 2018
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