Help with Royal Mail tracked delivery

I have sold a item and posted it tracked delivery.

I sent the tracking number to the customer and it states delivered the day after sending.

I customer has said they have not received the item i have sent them, but on the Royal Mail website it shows a signature that its received.

Is there anything i can do or do i just leave it?

Well if the tracking details are showing that it has been signed for I'm pretty sure Paypal will side with you, in this situation I always state to the buyer that the item has been signed for so please check with family members or neighbours as it may be with the neighbours or just that a family member has recieved it and not mentioned it.
Jun 28, 2010
Ask them to open up a case in PP
When they do so, give the full tracking number and proof of delivery with your response.
PP will then side with you and close the case
Additionally I've literally just had an issue with an undelivered item. It sounds like the postman has delivered while the buyer was out in my case and not left a 'little red slip' informing them that they need to pick it up from their Post Office. So a number of reasons why items might not get delivered, including postmen that aren't doing their jobs properly!