How can I get more organic traffic (SEO)?

Organically, to build traffic you should be working on your SEO, writing content based around highly ranked and paid for (low competition) keywords.

Also, get onto Quora. It's a great place to answer questions based around your industry and include links to your helpful content - this builds your backlinking strategy, as well as your traffic.
Organically, to build traffic you should be working on your SEO, writing content based around highly ranked and paid for (low competition) keywords.

Also, get onto Quora. It's a great place to answer questions based around your industry and include links to your helpful content - this builds your backlinking strategy, as well as your traffic.
If i said that i did so many task related to seo or other task that your are mentioned on your answer. But , its useless for my website traffic. so how i resolve this issue?
Build quality back link by guest posting and try to get your keyword rank on google. It can help you to get lifetime traffic

I did so many guest post link building but some site close the guest-post functionality and some companies don't reply about my guest post pitch
I want to get more traffic on my website in an organic way. but, a lot of hard work I didn't get any traffic so please give me a way to increase a huge traffic on my website

website -

quoting to show link
People forget that a website is just another marketing tool, it's still important to understand why you're trying to get clients. The usual answer is you are solving a problem they have, whether it's selling them a pair of socks because their feet are cold or providing a service that makes their job / life easier.

The only thing I can think of for you is that you dumb down your blog posts and make them more generic. You can then offer more detailed posts / reports in exchange for email addresses. This should then give you a list of potential clients who you can market your products to, if you use twitter perhaps you can tweet out to all the industry leaders this offer?

Oh and on the subject of your blog posts their titles come across to me at least as being very 'click bait-y' (Not a word but you get the drift). Maybe that's putting the search engines off?
Apr 15, 2018
you can scroll your site e.g. by a tool named screaming frog to check out whether there are any technical mistakes (broken links, wrong server answers, etc) I would recommend checking page speed (it's really important!). On Internet you would find lots of tools to check out other issues as Title (, proper keyword and length, should be unique), H1 (cannot be doubled) - H4, etc. See whether your texts contain proper keywords and long tails. And first of all check out how strong your competitors are. If competition is strong (old domains, too many links) I would advise to search for other channels that drive traffic to your website.
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Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get more organic traffic. Create good content that promotes engagement with your followers, and remember to create content for people and not bots. And since your website is all about apps, maybe you can do giveaways such as itunes or google play gift cards in exchange for people's email addresses or having them interact on your website.
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If you're looking for 'huge traffic' and I presume quite quickly - SEO is not the way to do that. SEO will give you long-term, steady traffic, depending on your industry and how many people look for what you may rank for.

for SEO:

- Use descriptive meta descriptions on every page, relevant to that page content

- Use simple, slightly descriptive page titles with the core keyword/idea very prominent in the page title

- Have dense, relevant content on every page; not just written for Google but which people would actually get value out of and want to share. Then they are more likely to a) spend more time on your site, b) view more pages and c) link back to you, all of which help

- Make sure your site doesn't have any basic and big coding errors

- Have 'one version' of your site, don't have a www. and a non.www., if you type both and they both work - this is a problem and you need to do a 301 re-direct from one to the other so that only one of these works

- Build backlinks back to your site by visiting forums, blogs etc. and contributing, and leaving a backlink or having it in your username. These aren't high value backlinks but if you contribute a lot of value to places, people will click, drive traffic to you and Google will value them more, and you are more likely to then have people naturally backlink to you

It requires work, time and repeated effort. If you do these things and continue to provide new and rich content, often, you will eventually rank for things and get traffic.

Quicker routes to traffic would be - partnering with youtube video owners with lots of subscribers and getting them to shout-out your link in their video & place in their description; relevant sector youtube creators of course; create your own video content, market it and link it; create a related Facebook page based on interaction, content and community, and start to drip-feed links back to your site every now and then or pay for traffic - advertise via PPC (Google AdWords, Facebook) or directly on relevant blogs by contacting the owners.
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If you want to increase your website traffic organically then you should try social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. According to the recent survey, the Instagram clone is having millions of users. So, you should try this platform. It will work for you to generate more traffic.

You can also write detailed articles on your blog which covers all problem and concern for your users. Content plays the most important role in generating traffic. Make it attractive as well as unique.

I would like to answer the question in a Simple. Provide High quality, relevant anf original content.You could also provide an EBook as a download for building your email list Whoever provides their email id, can download this book. The book should provide quality content which your Audience is looking for. It's can be a book on Tips,

Include a blog and share that content on social media. That will give you good amount of traffic. Reddit is a good place to drive quality traffic. But you should be cautious not to spam. They ban you immediately.

You can also join Forums related to your niche. Put your weblink in your signature. Keep posting regularly. Many people come to forums with their problems. You can share your expertise.


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Nov 27, 2014
It is important to remember that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Ensure that you are targeting keywords that have user-intent and that your content is not just created for search engines but the user as well.

- Jeff
If you want more organic traffic then quality backlink play important rore to get backlink. Internal link also help to get traffic in your website. Create quality content which benificial for user.
Hi, Don't take this the wrong way but the front-end first page of the site is way to over-optimised to hold attention and the pages are way to long. Even the about us page needs you to scroll before you can start reading it.

Getting organic traffic to your website is one thing but getting them to stick is something entirely different and this site is difficult to read. As somebody else has said trim down your Meta tags as you seem to have filled it with every Meta tag going and re-work your Keywords and descriptions.

Funnily enough the internal pages are not optimised at all and nor is the blog even with all the keyword stuffing. I do quite a lot of website work in my spare time and go to Wordpress User group meetings so all of the above is said to try and assist and not to criticise.