How can I get more organic traffic (SEO)?

How to increase organic site traffic
  1. Optimise for your personas, not search engines. First and foremost, write your buyer personas so you know to whom you're addressing your content.
  2. Blog away. Blogging is perhaps the most effective way to increase your organic site traffic.
  3. Plug into the blogosphere.
  4. Use long tail keywords.
As social media branding, I can say you can get more traffic by evaluating your current traffic sources.

Use Google analytics for checking your current traffic sources, which channel is most powerful for having quality traffic on your website.

Check everything first from your end and optimize the channel from which you are getting traffic.

This is the way to increase your traffic using existing traffic sources.

Also, you can search on google for other activities like social media, forums, business listings etc.
There are absolutely loads of ways and - for ideas - I'd recommend reading up on websites such as Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and MOZ. These will contain some guides on how to increase your organic traffic.

However, if I had to give some catch-all advice, I would:

Focus on building your EAT (expertise, authority, and trust)
Understand the motives of your customers and build content around them.
Build relevant links pointing to various areas of your website
Identify the keywords (this includes long-tail and competition-based) you want to appear for and use these - as well as semantic keywords - in your content.
Jul 11, 2019
Hi William,
You mentioned you want to get traffic to your website in organic ways. That's good! I mean this is the first thing that you realize that your website needs organic traffic to boost ranking on SERP.

What should you do:
1. Research (70% of your time) to find low competitive keywords if you have a blog. It's your first step and so so important point.
2. Write an article for users (Not for Google). I mean user-friendly posting.
3. On-page is another important option to check before you post your article. I mean selecting a proper title, Proper permalink, Proper interlinking, mention high-quality sites as references, write a great meta description to get more click, Upload image with proper image alt text, Check SEO with some SEO tools like Yoast SEO, RankMath, All in one SEO, etc.
4. Create social media pages and post regularly
5. Make a YouTube channel to get some traffic from there (It's now so popular)
6. Join different Forums on your niche and make a lot of conversation. Give some relevant advice there on your niche. You will find an option. (It's another popular thing nowadays)
7. Join different Q & A sites
8. Join and post unique content on article sharing site (Like-medium)
9. Do some off-page link building (Blog commenting, f.... posting, Guest posting, Skyscraper link building, Broken link building, etc.)
10. Share your posts on different social groups.

There are also any more. You should try everything (White hat only) to get organic traffic to your website.

MUST NOTE for you Dear William: It's a long term process. You have to wait some months even year to get some positive results. Once Google indexed all your efforts then you will get a lot of organic traffic. I mean forget that you will get all the results within one day.

One can easily manage his accounts in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook by using a software created by Promorepublic company. They also have got many interesting articles - read this social media abbreviation material for example.
Aug 16, 2019
Know your public, get a good look at what keywords to use and what volume they are, use keywords in content creation
Hey William,
Getting traffic in an organic way is not an easy task as we are thinking. It means a lot. You have to do a lot of things to do this.

What should you focus on:
1. Research for finding Low competitive KW
2. Set up user-friendly Article title
3. Permalink setup
4. Meta description writing
5. Image alt text
6. Featured image set up
7. Do foundation link building
8. web 2.0
9. Article submission
10. Guest posting
11. Website Performance Audit (you can do it easily by now)

Don't buy PBN post for your blog. It can BAN you from Google. So, be careful.

How to increase website organic traffic

1. Remove duplicate content
2. Optimize page title and meta description
3. Use long-tail keywords in the title
4. Keep the focus on the audience
5. Use inbound links and outbound links
6. Get quality backlinks
7. Improve page loading speed
8. Fix broken links
9. Site Architecture and Ease of Navigation
Agree with a lot that is being said for improving the organic traffic of a site. Think page load is important these days even if people are clicking they won't wait around these days make sure your page load is low.
I want to get more traffic on my website in an organic way. but, a lot of hard work I didn't get any traffic so please give me a way to increase a huge traffic on my website

website -

Good day!
I have checked current rankings of your website:
In order to make them better, you should correct the errors:
And build more backlinks:
SEO is not something that can be achieved in the short-term. SEO is a long-term strategy, and can be done by working on optimising your content with buyer-intent keywords (if you run a site that sells a service or products), or search intent keywords and phrases.

There are over 200+ Google ranking factors, however the best way to drive traffic any site is via fixing Technical problems on the site, optimising Content, and building Backlinks.
We increase our organic traffic in many ways. Here I have done the best strategies to increase traffic. If you republish your site make sure your site visitor increases day by day.

Lets start:

* Doing keyword research properly

  • Create your website mobile friendly with responsive design so that stable your visitor own site.
  • Make sure to write to us visitors, not the search engines. Write user-friendly content with readable and do content engage use infographics.
  • Share your blog content or product your business social account and write unique content.
  • Keep long-tail keywords your keyword list, Its increase quickly fast page and get authority for your website.
  • Doing post your website weekly or monthly
  • Doing Internal link or External link properly and get external niche relevant authority site.
  • Create daily backlink at least low quality which means [social, profile,web.2 and comment backlink] it increases your website value
  • Finally, I TOLD you to join your niche relevant forum site and given the answer that your visitor wants. Its is a good way to increase organic traffic, So help other people its bring your follower and follower came up your traffic.
I want to get more traffic on my website in an organic way. but, a lot of hard work I didn't get any traffic so please give me a way to increase a huge traffic on my website

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