How do I start?

I have just been browsing the site and this topic really caught my eye, i have been trading for about a year now . From various countries China, Malaysia and Singapore.

I understand that i wouldn't have the experience of some of you guys but i have never been one for drop shipping. Even though i have never came across been charged EXTRA for using drop shipping.

The reasons i have never been so keen on drop shipping is:

Even if you feel you have a strong trading relationship with someone its not always the case. In the past i have had products that have been different to the previous delivery and especially problems with electrics. So i prefer to test them and check them over!

They are also responsible for your reputation, if somethings wrong its you who have to deal with the problems and not the supplier.

Don't think anyones mentioned this, but now and again i do a little trading on eBay. Now wouldn't you be more put off if a product came from china via EMS or UPS?

Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

Sep 8, 2020
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