How should I pay my Pakistani supplier on Alibaba?


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Feb 20, 2011
United Kingdom
Be careful on alibaba. There are many fraudulent companys listed there. Generally Western Union and Money Gram are never regarded as safe ways to pay suppliers. I would recommend paying on aliexpress, as this is through their escrow service. Or find out if they accept paypal or payment by credit card. If you use credit card you are normally covered by your card issuer through the chargeback process.
Nov 22, 2018
Sir few thing i want to clear the aliba trade issuance system is only for Chinese suppliers
If you want to deal with any other country suppliers like Pakistan you have to pay with western union or bank transfer.
Alslo keep in mind you can use letter of credit (LC) for bulk order as this more secure system between the banks.
Feb 16, 2020
i'm a newbie too; more or less. From my research and readings on this forum you have done the right thing by suggesting payment through Escrow as 'scammers' are easily detected this way. Also wester union is and the other are not goo neither since it will be difficult to trace you money in case of problems. It rings alarm bells to me, i'd leave him in search for another. I am looking to order from there myself, I am a little skeptical but it is important to make an informed choice/decision. Take you time or you might risk loosing money.
I have been scammed by someone who was selling on Alibaba.
I was naive and didn't know the ins and outs. I assumed he was genuine and payed by western union. Although I have learnt my lesson now it was a expensive lesson to the tune of $675 usd