How to Dropship Successfully from AliExpress

Apr 29, 2021
Hi, I want to dropship from aliexpress, because it's easy to find many suppliers there. but I don't want my customers know that the items are from aliexpress. Can you guys give me some advice please.
You need to arrange it with your suppliers.
Jul 12, 2021
No matter what product I order and where I call it, I always try to track my parcel. It's cool to be able to know exactly where the shipment is at any time, whether it's stuck in traffic or some other force majeure has occurred. Thus, a person waiting for the parcel will be able to calculate the exact time when it gets into his hands. There are particular services in the network with the help of which a person can easily keep track of where in this specific moment is a parcel. For example, aliexpress shipping tracking is a resource where everyone can quickly find his shipment, which allows him to know precisely when it will arrive in the specified locality.
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Completely agree with @BarbraIss here, if a supplier can't let you track a parcel there is a problem - setting expectations and helping buyers feel they have some transparency around where their parcel is will make them feel more comfortable. The things that annoys consumers is having your money taken and feeling like you are not sure you can trust when or if your purchases will arrive!